The 10 most popular interior decoration styles

There are several ways to decorate each space in your home, so many that it is perfectly normal for you to become saturated with information. For this reason, here at PRISA® we make things easier and present you with the 10 most popular types of interior decoration that will surely inspire you to renovate your home.

In this list you will find that each style prefers certain materials that may sometimes seem difficult to replicate, but do not worry, beyond the origin or nature of the materials, we recommend you focus on colors for the home , their contrasts, harmony, as well as the atmosphere that each style tries to reproduce.

1. Nordic

It is a trend that has gained a lot of strength in recent years. The origin of this type of decoration is found in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, where sunny days are scarce for much of the year, so a way was sought to replace this lack of light. The solution was found in light colors and elements related to nature.

Features and colors

The nature of the forest and mountains are the main inspiration for this style, which is why we observe that in most cases there are wooden furniture or elements in the middle of light gray walls, similar to the sky of those pale cloudy countries.

In addition to the wood colors, the furniture stands out for its simplicity and straight lines that give a distinctive touch to the space. In the rest of the decoration, green plants and flower patterns predominate, although lately the use of geometric figures such as squares and vertical lines has been seen.

2. Scandinavian

It is another of the favorite styles in recent times. Its origin, in northern Europe, is very similar to the Nordic one: it seeks to bring light into homes in environments with little sun, hence the preference for light tones on the walls.

Features and colors

The distinctive feature of this style is its clear spaces, similar to minimalism. The objective of the Scandinavian style is to convey peace, simplicity and tranquility, so white is the predominant color. The ceiling, floor, walls and furniture are usually in the same color or very similar tones.

The furniture and decorative elements usually have light wood colors such as beige and gray, in combination with metals, or shades of stones and natural fibers. Vintage-style furniture looks great in this decoration.

3. minimalist

If order is something that governs your life, minimalism is for you. Under the premise “less is more”, the spaces created in this style are simple and serene.

Features and colors

Glossy woods or black furniture that give a feeling of opulence are the key in this type of decoration. Smooth, glass or ebony-like surfaces predominate. Although it is usual for furniture and few decorations to be in colors similar to the paint on the walls, contrasting elements can also be used with black elements.

4. Rustic or farm house

The intention of this style is to bring nature indoors to create rural houses that transmit harmony, well-being and comfort. If the house has old elements, it is important to maintain that character.

Features and colors

They are mainly fresh spaces with warm elements. In other words, walls in cool tones that provide light, with warm colors.

Although wood and stone floors and furniture are the favorites, there are a wide variety of natural materials that work very well in this style. The essentials are wood, stone, clay, wicker and ceramics.

5. Modern or eclectic classic

Although the classic style of loaded decoration is still in force, in recent years it has been decided to give it a modern touch, to create elegant and more current spaces. The classic-modern is also known as an eclectic style since it combines elements of two types of decoration.

Features and colors

The classic forms are maintained, such as the moldings on the furniture and walls, but it is combined with a decoration of smooth elements, such as those provided by stone and marble. Using glass accents will further enhance room styles.

The result is an elegant, luxurious and sophisticated look, where white and cream colors predominate.

6. Industrial

Also known as urban, it is inspired by a warehouse or loft in big cities. The history of this decoration tells that, in the 50’s, young people looking for growth in big cities like New York or Chicago, had to start in places that years ago had been factories, so beams, bricks and concrete abounded.

This is how this style was adopted, and today interior designers are inclined towards these elements in the decoration that proudly show the construction materials that others try to hide.

Features and colors

The furniture that is used in the decoration styles of industrial houses is made of metal or iron, they can even be seen with a little rust on them. Untreated woods and veneers are also used. You can not miss one or two decorative pieces such as paintings or photographs to add a touch of color to an environment with opaque or pale colors.

Gray is one of the favorites for this decoration. To counteract cold or dark tones, a large amount of natural light is necessary.

7. Romantic

Small details make the difference. It is very easy to recognize, since pink colors and flowers predominate to create delicate and soft spaces.

Its origin dates back to the 19th century opera, with large neo-baroque columns and palaces with large halls and halls.

Features and colors

This decoration appeals to the senses to convey a warm, welcoming and timeless atmosphere. Wood is essential in this type of decoration, but always in light colors or painted white. Flowers, scented candles, bookcases, are elements that do not fail in these pastel colored spaces, such as lilac, yellow or green.

8. Art Deco

One of the most important trends in interior design of the 20th century is Art Deco, a symbol of glamor and sophistication, inspired by the twenties. One of the main references of this type of decoration can be found in literature, in the novel The Great Gatsby.

Features and colors

Among its fundamental characteristics is the tendency towards geometric lines, particularly rectilinear ones and monochrome palettes, that is, choosing a color and using its shades. The key is in the contrast between light and dark or bright colors, such as red, blue or yellow.

Elements like geometric prints in bright colors are never lacking, resulting in ornate, modern spaces that evoke extravagant glamour.

9. Nautical

It was tourism that gave way to the nautical style, where fresh colors and everything related to the sea have a leading role. The houses on the beaches of the Caribbean and Latin America are the main source of inspiration, because under an eternal summer sun, the interiors were sought to transmit freshness.

Features and colors

As essential colors are navy blue, royal blue and white. Details in red or gold never fail for this type of decoration.

Rustic wooden furniture cannot be missing either, as well as decorative elements that evoke life on the beach. While in the cushions, curtains and other textiles, thick stripes with blue or red predominate.

10. Oriental

Influenced by Feng Shui, balance is the key in this type of decoration that has spread throughout the world, with the idea of ​​conceiving spaces as an extension of our mind, so it seeks to create atmospheres of peace and Balance.

Features and colors

Traditionally the materials of the materials ? Predominant are bamboo, stone, rice paper, cedar wood and silk. The colors of these elements are contrasted with the walls, which in most cases are white or light tones, such as beige.

You can find many similarities with minimalism, but in this style there are usually a little more decorative elements or plants that add tranquility and balance to the atmosphere. Nature is very important for this type of decoration, so artificial lighting is usually warm, in such a way that it resembles the sun’s rays, very much in sync with the culture of the rising sun.

No matter the style you choose, at PRISA®, we help you fill your house with color with the highest quality paints, so that you achieve the house of your dreams and its tones last as new for a long time.


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