13 Ideas for useful and integral modern kitchen design

modern kitchen design

Check out the latest in practical modern kitchen design. Useful tips and ideas in kitchen furniture. How to decorate with simplicity in addition to seeing trends, styles, photographs and much more.

Design of modern kitchens, with useful and integral furniture

Giving a touch of color with pleasant accessories that accompany us when cooking, choosing the right furniture or distribution in the design of modern kitchens , are the key to creating our own environment and feeling at home.

We can find a thousand kitchen units, a multitude of styles and modules, distributions for small and larger ones, integral kitchens, in the form of an island or smart kitchens with the latest technology, in grey, black and white or strong colors, cheaper or more luxurious… etc. .

But the reality is that kitchen decoration goes much further than these temporary trends as indicated by holy kitchens ; Words such as utility, flexibility, simplicity, ease of cooking and cleaning, practicality, etc. should be favored.

Gastronomy is durable over time and we must understand that decorating and conditioning this space must provide us with lasting solutions over time.

To make better use of space, we have to look at many details. Regardless of whether it is large or small, irregular or square… What do you want the best kitchen for your home?

Today, we are going to explain step by step how to have the best kitchen design without leaving anything behind… (at the end, there are portals with interesting photographs to get some ideas)

How to distribute the kitchen

Ideally, it should be spacious, bright and orderly to achieve a special charm in that corner where we can spend so many hours without realizing it.

Here comes what the experience of years of cooking designates as the Work Triangle and that many professionals apply when designing kitchens . It is a coherent division of the kitchen according to its work areas.

For the triangle to work in a more optimal way, the sum of its 3 sides should not be greater than approximately 8 meters, and, separately, none should be less than 1.20 meters (to be able to work), nor greater than 2 ,70 meters away.

Regarding the most conventional types of kitchens, visually it would be the following plans – diagrams of their work areas when cooking and moving better (The points reflect the most common ways we move according to distribution):

These movements in relation to the forms – usual rooms of the houses derive in the most standard types of kitchen distributions :

  • U-shaped kitchens
  • L shaped kitchens
  • kitchens online
  • Kitchens in parallel lines (Front parallels)
  • island kitchens
  • For distributions, since it is a broad topic, we have created a very detailed article that you can look at HERE .

We already know aspects of how to divide the space of our kitchen. Now… it’s time to make a sketch!

To take the measurements, we either make a sketch with graph paper (remember to measure the height) or we can use an Internet program to draw.

Large surfaces, such as Ikea kitchens or Leroy Merlin have programs, but you have to download them. HERE we have an online kitchen designer planner that is very easy to use, practical, with a multitude of materials and 3D views.

Note: If it is a comprehensive reform, I advise you to see the tool at the end of the article to get an idea of ​​the cost of the works.

Now! useful advice according to space and distribution:

A single line of cabinets, in light colors, is the solution in long kitchens. A “widening” effect is achieved and, in addition, you can choose to place a bar or table on the opposite wall. A great example of design are these modular furniture that are totally transparent…

An island kitchen is an option if the space is very large, it represents an extra surface to prepare food or use it as a breakfast area; with drawers or cabinets you will gain space to store whatever you want.
For a square shape, the best layout is the “U” shape. It will be practical and functional. Whether in a large or small space, the objective will be to use one side as a countertop and bar area, and the other as a kitchen and sink.

Distributing in an “L” shape is another option in reduced sizes, achieving more work surface without overloading it too much. A dining table can be placed on the free wall.

The built-in sliding doors do not subtract meters and allow you to take advantage of the wall for a piece of furniture.
Remembering that the measures for ergonomic kitchens can be those designated in the following infographic:

And if we delve deeper into the dimensions to improve the usability of the space. We have the following image that can be very useful in the distribution of furniture, both high and low:

The previous infographic reflects common and most used measures in ergonomics, but as in the design and renovation of bathrooms , it does not mean that they are mandatory, they are advice.

At this point… We have the furniture!

Kitchen furniture

We are going to give a series of tips on how to place kitchen furniture from the perspective of utility. Visually unburdening the kitchen in a minimalist style is the primary objective:

The extractable corner modules; You can also take advantage of any structural element (holes, projections…) with custom-made furniture, gaining a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.
A column with removable shelves allows quick access to what we store in each of them.
A pull-out cupboard inserted in the corner of the kitchen takes advantage of the entire depth, being able to handle it easily.

A large glass cabinet will be ideal for putting crockery and decorations, decorating the environment without the need to constantly clean them.
A “cupboard” above the counter and sink will allow you to have more cups and glasses at hand.
Tall drawers take advantage of space for large accessories.
Kitchen furniture can be easily transformed, from changing the pieces, to painting them or applying imitation vinyl to the surface with excellent results. An example would be the following image:

The white color in the cabinets is a good choice, it combines very well and also enlarges the space. The most current designs propose very large wooden modules, combined with glazed glass, achieving a light and contemporary aesthetic.
Equipping the drawers with wide interior plastic or metal divisions will always keep the utensils in order.

The modules for recycling and cleaning are practical next to the sink.
If the oven, dishwasher or microwave is placed in a high module, it will be more easily accessible.
Kitchen furniture can be easily transformed, from changing the pieces to painting them or applying imitation vinyl to the surface with excellent results. As a summary of suggestions:

Kitchen paint and colors

Daring to change the color of the wall will give a radical change with very little money (We remember the article on how to paint a wall with good tricks). A tone that highlights the qualities of the space and the furniture will be ideal.

We remember an App for mobile phones ( HERE – iTunes Apple ) that you simply take a photo of a room, and it tells you the colors it uses. Useful to know how to choose the colors of the kitchen.

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