How to unblock Torrentz2: All you need to know about Torrentz2 proxy sites

How to unblock Torrentz2

In today’s age of pricy streaming platforms, torrenting remains the only way you can watch your favorite movie or tv show for absolutely no charge. Let’s face it, buying expensive monthly subscriptions to discover only a handful of content you actually like, always feels like an unnecessary purchase. However, as we are all well aware, torrent sites have been facing the wrath of governmental action ever since they were born. Torrentz2 was one of the most popular torrenting sites, bagging this same accolade in 2012 – yet it was forced to shut down because of heavy lawsuits.

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Torrent users will know that the next big site among Torrentz2 alternatives was none other than Torrentz2. This Torrent search engine was a mirror site of the widely popular Torrent. However, ever since last year, ongoing lawsuits have unfortunately led to the shutting of the Torrentz2 EU site as well. But if you have the will, there is a definite way out! In this article, we will walk you through everything that you need to know about Torrentz2, from how to use the site to access the database of Torrentz2 movies and shows or Torrentz2 proxy sites, whether you can unblock torrentz2 and a list of popular Torrentz2 alternatives! We will familiarize new torrent users with the world of torrents and torrentz2. In contrast, experienced users and fans of the torrentz2 EU can find avenues to get Torrentz2 unblocked through Torrentz2 proxy sites!

Torrentz2 proxy sites
Torrentz2 proxy sites

How to unblock Torrentz2: All you need to know about Torrentz2 proxy sites

Proxy sites, for those who might not be acquainted with the name, are mirror sites of websites featuring the same content as the main website. They are, in fact, clones of the original website even though their domains are different. Suspension or closures are not the only reasons why proxy sites are created – sometimes, the main domain might encounter so much traffic that it may not function well for every user. Proxy sites are a way to bypass the creation of such bottlenecks. Of course, they play a crucial role in keeping a website alive in case of the unfortunate shutdown of the main domain – that is what this section is all about! As we know, Torrentz2 itself emerged as a proxy site and a Torrentz2 alternative mirror site.

Similarly, there exist numerous Torrentz2 proxy sites which can help you unblock Torrentz2! Well, technically, they are not clearing the existing domain. Still, you would get the same experience if you could get Torrentz2 unblocked.

Torrentz2 proxy sites

If you can access any of these sites, you will be able to access all the features of the original Torrentz2. On the contrary, it is also important to remember that some internet service providers might block their consumers’ access to proxy sites. Moreover, proxy sites may be the source of privacy or data breach. To ensure none of these problems occur, we advise that you download a VPN. A VPN or a Very Private Network will allow you to bypass the isp blocks. It will enable you to safely and securely download torrents from any proxy site.

If you can still access proxies and the Torrentz2 EU site shows no hope of returning, there is still no need to assume that this will be the end of your Torren ting days! The internet is brimming with hundreds of torrent websites. While not every one of those is reliable, we have done our research to list some of the best alternatives to the Torrentz2 family accessible.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is a website that, like the Torrentz2 family, has had its share of government lawsuits and shutdowns. However, it survives due to the excellent functioning of its oldest proxy site, kickass torrents too.

Features – It supports magnet links and boasts a huge directory of movies and shows, similar to the original website. Additionally, the site hosts an excellent community feature where you can find regular updates of torrents that you can download.

Pirate Bay

One of the oldest surviving torrent websites, Pirate Bay has a huge fan following. It has also survived through numerous government attempts at shutting down the website.

Features – It supports both magnet links and manual torrent downloads. The user interface is a cakewalk to navigate. It has different search options for audiobooks, movies, tv shows, games, and so on.


1337x, fighting its way through several imposed government actions boasts one of the richest libraries for music and television shows.

Features – The user interface is very accessible and similar to The Pirate Bay. It also has different sections for different types of content. You can find any content you wish to – from movies and tv shows to anime and audiobooks.


RARBG is another widely popular website that will give you a huge directory of content available across the internet. RARBG was ranked 4th in the annual TorrentFreak list of the most visited websites.

Features – It has a smooth and clean UI and supports peer-to-peer file sharing as well as magnet links. It hosts a huge database of content which includes movies, shows, software, and much more.

Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent, which is consistently listed among the top 5 best torrent websites, have also come under the fire of government actions. It hosts a huge online digital index of the best movies, shows, and other content types available on the internet.

Features – It allows peer-to-peer file sharing and also gives you magnet links for easy download. The UI is also easily navigable, allowing you a smooth experience.


Hosting a huge library of content such as movies, anime, and even music, Torrent9 was one of the hottest choices for torrenting websites. It was listed as one of the most efficient torrenting websites in 2017. However, it has faced governmental action, surviving now through proxy sites.

Features – The popularity of the site is due to its huge collection and simple interface. Users voted it as one of the most reliable torrent websites. It allowed both P2P file sharing and magnet download.

Cannot access the main site of Torrentz2? Here’s why

Back in 2003, when streaming platforms were not this ubiquitous in our everyday life, and torrenting itself had just begun, Torrentz2 had been one of the finest torrent meta-search generators that one could find on the internet. Its popularity grew to such heights that it was even awarded the most popular torrent site title in 2012. Naturally, it attracted the attention of the MPAA (Motion Picture’s Association of America) and RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America leading to heavy lawsuits accusing them of pirating copyrighted content resulting ultimately in the shutdown of the website in 2016. However, soon enough, a Torrentz2 alternative or proxy site with Torrentz2 movies and other content sprang up.

This website was an exact mirror of the massively popular Torrent. It must be noted that both Torrent and the Torrentz2 EU (the domain site of Torrentz2) were not your normal torrent search engines which themselves host the torrent files of the content you are looking for. Rather they are search generators for torrent files hosted in various torrenting websites with links to those torrent files and magnet links. As the popularity of Torrentz2 grew, lawsuits were filed, leading to its suspension in the latter half of 2020. So if you have tried to download your favorite movies and found that you cannot access the Torrentz2 search engine, this is the reason. The site has remained suspended even in early 2022, with no indication of when it may come back. However, fans of the website may not fret just yet,and there are ways to unblock Torrentz2 by accessing it through Torrentz2 proxy sites. Before we provide you with a list of these proxy sites, it might be useful to look at the download process of Torrentz2 and a similar search engine.

Downloading from Torrentz2: It’s easy.

While Torrentz2’s main domain may not be accessible right now, many of the Torrentz2 proxy sites are, and the download process for all of them is similar. As we discussed earlier, Torrentz2 is not your familiar torrent site that hosts a comprehensive library of torrent files and magnet links. Instead, it is a huge directory – once you search the name of a movie or a show, the torrentz2 metasearch generator will scour the internet to provide you with links to torrents hosted by other websites. As a result, there is almost a complete guarantee that you will get what you are looking for. Here is a short step by step guide to help you understand the download process better:

Step 1: First, suppose you are a newbie to this torrenting business. In that case, you must install any BitTorrent client software like Utorrent on your computer. Simply download, install and set up this app on your pc as you would do with any other application.
Step 2: Visit the Torrentz2 website. You will find a search bar – enter the name of the content you are looking for and hit search.
Step 3: You will be shown the torrent files found in a various torrenting website that matches with your search.
Step 4: Click on the file you require – this will take you to the files summary page, where you can find information such as the size of the file, the torrent download link, and the magnet link.

So now you can download the torrent in two ways. For example, you can either download the .torrent file or upload it manually on your torrent client, or you can click on the magnet link to directly launch the torrent client app and download the content there.

There you go – an easy 4 step guide that will help you download unlimited content from sites like Torrentz2. But you may now be wondering, what use is this if the site itself is blocked? Like we discussed, this process will allow you to download from even Torrentz2 proxy sites. As promised, you will find the complete list of all Torrentz2 proxy sites in the next section of this article.

Wrapping up:

If you had been frantically searching for the Torrentz2 EU website, we hope that this article has come to your rescue. We have tried to provide every tad bit of information concerning the Torrentz2 EU website. While the banning and closure of the main website are extremely unfortunate, we hope that this article can be a useful guide to all those searching for better alternatives to this popular torrent search engine. In this blueprint, we have also provided a detailed list of the Torrentz2 proxies and explained exactly how you could access and download from them and unblock Torrent in the process.

So if you were scouring the internet looking for ways to get your beloved Torrentz2 cleared, you would find the solution here. Torrent sites have faced lawsuits and actions ever since their inception. There is no indication that these will stop anytime soon. At the same time, there are also huge demands for torrents all the time, and where there is a demand, there would be a way for a supply. There are plenty of torrent alternatives available where you can find all your favorite torrentz2 movies – you just need to look for them!

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