Spa management through management software

Spa management

Spa management is something you have to do on a daily basis, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if you implemented software to manage your business? Doing it is simple and practical, remember that technology advances and so does your business.

Spa management should be paramount in your business if you are looking to properly manage your finances or supplies, order services and control sales. In the following article we will show you the advantages of managing your spa from software that turns out to be useful and practical.

Spa management is no longer a problem for the person in charge, there is currently software like that makes it easier for them to carry out their daily functions; for example, scheduling appointments, reviewing reports to know the real situation of the spa, knowing the salary or commissions of each collaborator and more.

Disadvantages of managing your spa without software

1. You have inadequate functioning

If the administration you have is ineffective due to the amount of information you must handle and misunderstandings arise in the cash closing or even in scheduling appointments for your clients; It’s time to put to the test, a software that helps you solve those problems.

2. You have problems with the order of information

If you have your customer information in order, you probably have a database, something important, and even inevitable in your spa. If a tool like that allows you to register each of your clients is missing, it is more complicated to retain them, communicate with them and obtain the necessary results.

3. You lose control of your collaborators and clients

Keep in mind that to provide good customer service it is necessary to keep your collaborators informed; For example, if an agenda is needed for appointments where they can verify which ones they have or which ones have been cancelled, there are inconveniences with the clients. The solution is practical, has an agenda management function so that both your collaborators and clients can access it at any time to check and cancel appointments.

5. You can lose customers

Networks are a useful means to meet and reach more customers, keep in mind that through social networks users can make an appointment; An example of this is the Facebook reservation button. Think that if your client wants to make an appointment with you and they need time to go to the spa, they will want to do it through the social network, if you need a tool like that allows you to activate the button, you have lost a client. Technology advances and we must advance with it, implement new reservation channels and grow.

Advantages of having management software

Spa management is important in times of inventory control, supplier management, data, client agenda and more. What do you think if you can manage everything from software like in an easy and practical way. amazing!

1. Get you app

Getting your own App is easy! This helps you to be in communication with your clients, they just have to download it on their mobile and that’s it! You will be able to schedule your appointments on the day and time that you prefer and have the services of your choice at hand. If you still need to encourage yourself to have your own app, in this article we give you 5 reasons .

2. Marketing actions

For this point helps you to create emails, SMS and push notifications. The function is aimed at your customers with messages of offers, discounts or special days to increase visits to your spa. Use this feature to retain your customers and reach potential ones. If you haven’t yet planned strategies for this year, find a guide here.

3. Inventory control

No longer worry about spending whole days or hours making inventories of your spa, now with it will be easier, since with this functionality the sum of products, sales or financial management. It will be controlled and managed in a simple way, so that you are aware of the loss or expiration of a product. Learn more about this functionality.

4. Medical records

The idea of ​​creating a history of each client is fantastic. There is necessary information that you should know to get to know them a little more; for example, birthday, age, spa preferences and more; This function is useful so that you can offer a discount on a service on the occasion of his birthday. You can check which service your customer prefers. Do it is quick and easy with the notification button or push messages. Learn more about this functionality.

5. Collections and cash has a POS payment system that accepts any payment method, your client decides whether to pay by card, cash or even vouchers. Also choose if the user wants to receive their printed purchase ticket or send it by email. You may wonder what is so good about having this simple, practical and fast option for your spa. Learn more about this functionality.

The objective of implementing a software in your spa is that you can organize the daily management, that is, keep the agenda, collections, loyalty and more in an organized way. Avoid problems due to mishandling, it’s time for you to give yourself a break and make your life easier with this software. Dare to implement it in your spa!

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