10 tips to driving safely in winter

Safety driving tips in winter

Rain, snow and low temperatures make travel difficult and it is important to be prepared. A review of the car is essential.

driving tips in winter, Traveling by car in winter is usually more uncomfortable and often dangerous than at any other time of the year. It takes a while for the occupants to warm up, the windscreen mists up easily, and generally weather conditions make driving more difficult than usual, which is really worrying. To avoid scares, it is advisable to be prepared in advance.


Before setting off there are two key elements that every driver must check: the weather and the traffic. Internet and numerous mobile applications provide real-time information on both weather forecasts and the state of the roads. Knowing this information will serve to better choose the time of departure and the appropriate route and to know what one can find.

Survival kit

When you get behind the wheel you always have to be prepared for any circumstance, and even more so in winter. It is worth including a basic first aid kit in case something happens during the trip, as well as other items such as food, drink, a flashlight and, especially, warm clothing. It is advisable to go out with a full tank and do not forget the obligatory triangle and vest.


Always very important, tires in good condition are essential in winter. At 80 km/h and on wet ground, a worn tire needs 18.6 meters more to stop, apart from the fact that the risk of aquaplaning increases considerably. The depth of the drawing must always be sufficient and the pressure, the appropriate one. And it is worth considering winter tires, valid for driving on snow even when chains are mandatory.


Not all drivers need to mount snow-specific wheels because they will only drive on it occasionally. That is why they should have some chains on hand for specific moments, whether they are the traditional metal ones (cheaper but more complicated to place) or the fabric ones, which are much easier to handle. Sprays are not that reliable.


In winter, the battery works more than usual, since it has to power systems such as the lights, the windscreen wipers or the heated rear window. The cold also feels especially bad and can almost be emptied in case of extreme temperatures. That is why it is advisable to check its load capacity, especially if it is already about five years old. The replacement, according to Autingo, an appointment booking platform in workshops, costs an average of 230 euros.

Wiper washer

The wiper blades should be changed once a year, as they lose their ability to evacuate water and, if they are in very poor condition, can worsen visibility conditions rather than improve them. The windshield washer fluid must always be full.


Another aspect that should be checked is the coolant. Up to certain temperatures it is antifreeze, but over time it loses properties and for about 70 euros its change will save the driver trouble.


According to the Traffic and Road Safety magazine of the DGT, a study by RACE and Alain Afflelou indicates that 32% of drivers suffer from vision problems when driving at night, and even more so in adverse weather conditions. To minimize them as much as possible, the headlights must be in perfect condition (so that they shine well) and at the correct height (so that they do not dazzle).


Safety largely depends on them, and more so in winter, as road conditions can make braking longer. For this reason, the condition of all the elements that come into play must be checked, that is, the discs, the pads, the brake distributor… A timely review can avoid unpleasantness. In fact, almost everything said above is summarized in the following point.

Fine tuning

For any trip, and even more so if there is going to be snow on the way and at the destination, a revision prepares the car to face low temperatures and guarantees the safety of the occupants. From Aunting they highlight the importance of a complete maintenance of the vehicle -which usually has a cost of about 119 euros- so that it does not fail at any time.

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