Guide to buying a robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most demanded gifts and that are more on the rise in purchases of the Spanish lately. That is why from our technology blog we have prepared this guide to buy a robot vacuum cleaner and clarify all your doubts about the different models that exist, their characteristics and what to take into account when buying one.

Keep in mind that in recent times so many different models have proliferated that choosing the right one for us is becoming a more complicated task, so you should be attentive to the following tips:

What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner

The characteristics that we must take into account are:

Does it have a scrubbing function?
Some models, in addition to the suction function, also have a scrubbing function, basically what they do is once the dust is collected, they pass a damp cloth that helps to remove any remaining dirt and makes the final result much better. This function is usually incorporated by high-end models whose cost is higher, you will have to assess whether you really need it or not.

Although there are some models like the IKHOS NETBOT S12 that have a more than interesting price and include 4 functions: Sweep, vacuum , mop and scrub. A more than complete solution for any home.


This information is essential when deciding to choose our robot vacuum cleaner, but we should not look only at its autonomy, but also at the time it will take to clean our entire house, for example we can have a robot with one hour of autonomy, but little It will be worth us if it is going to take 2 hours to go through our entire house. In addition, we must also take into account the loading time, although all this will also be related to the level of “intelligence” of the robot, as we will see later.

Robot vacuum cleaner remote control

Another factor to take into account is the possibility of remote control. It is very normal that we forget to start it and that we remember when we are away from home. We must ensure that the robot can be controlled with an app from our phone, so that we can activate it, for example, when we are at work. For this we will only need in addition to the app that the robot has a Wi-Fi connection.

A good example of this type is the CONGA SERIE 1090 CONNECTED that, in addition to having its own App to control it remotely, is compatible with Alexa and Google Home to control it with your voice.

Make it silent

We do not want that while we are watching television or listening to music the noise of the robot vacuum cleaner working to bother us, therefore, among the characteristics to be examined, we must bear in mind the noise it makes while it works. Most manufacturers hide this information so we will have to search and compare it to choose one that is not annoying.

Sensors when cleaning

An important factor for the optimal result is the type of sensors that it carries to ensure that it does not leave any area unclean. If you have laser sensors, it will allow you to better measure distances and create a work path so that no corner is missed. There are several models that what they do is create their own maps ensuring a perfect job. This is the case, for example, of the NETBOT LS23 model.

Brush type

There are mainly two types of brush, those with a central roller that collects the dust sent by the blades and those with a nozzle and side blades, the latter are more suitable if we have long-haired rugs. Those with the central roller are a little more effective, but their maintenance can be a bit more complicated as the hair tends to roll in it.


We have to take into account that the robot vacuum cleaner stores everything it vacuums, so we must make sure that it has enough capacity, to get an idea it should have at least 0.3 liters and if we have pets it should have at least 0.5 liters .

HEPA filter

The normal thing is that all new robots already have it incorporated, but it does not hurt to make sure that it has it, because the function of this type of filter is to purify the air, so at the same time that it keeps the house clean, we will also have a cleaner environment.

Do we have a pet?

Not all robot vacuum cleaners are useful if we have pets, since their hair can clog them. That is why in the case of having pets at home it is important to make sure that our robot vacuum cleaner will be able to work well. There are models specifically designed for this circumstance such as the LEFANT

If you take into account all these characteristics when choosing your robot vacuum cleaner, the experience will be very satisfactory. In any case, it never hurts to look at the opinions of other buyers.

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