What technologies are changing the future of companies?

Technology for future of companies, Robotic process automation, digital signatures and gamification are some of the new technologies that are managing to optimize the activities of all companies, reaching unprecedented levels of productivity and promoting cost savings, and providing them with the flexibility to be prepared for possible changes.

Technologies for future companies:

The move to the digital transformation of companies through innovative methodologies, the digitization of processes and talent management have become essential in this new business era dominated by technology. The digitization of business processes is helping companies increase the productivity and volume of their business, giving them the flexibility they need to prepare for possible changes in a volatile market. Quodem reviews the technologies that will change and technology for future of companies, helping them start their digital revolution and get the best out of all their processes:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

It is one of the key trends of today. It is the automation of processes by means of software, or robots, that are executed virtually, optimizing multiple tasks, without the need for human intervention, optimizing resources and providing an improvement for your business. It represents a further step in technological development by providing new tools that make work easier for companies.

Digital Signature:

Despite its apparent simplicity, it is one of the indispensable technologies of transformation. Its integration, in addition to being simple, provides a significant increase in productivity and the agility of many bureaucratic processes and saves on costs and time, avoiding physical transfers of people to sign documents.

Gamification for personnel selection:

Technology for future of companies The many benefits of business gamification have already been proven, but why not take it one step further? Applied to the selection of personnel, it allows evaluating the competencies of candidates and employees. This helps businesses build more efficient teams that are better prepared for a market that is constantly changing.

Smart Value Healthcare:

If in companies digitization only brings benefits, in the health area it was not going to be less. With Digital Health comes, in addition, a new health paradigm known as Value Based Healthcare, both parts give us as a result a medical assistance focused on adding value to the patient. Through technologies based on results (data and health informatics) and other tools that facilitate patient care and monitoring, improving the quality of their diagnoses.

Technology for future of companies These are some of the new technologies that are currently breaking into the fabric of society, and are managing to optimize the activities of all companies, reaching unprecedented levels of productivity and promoting cost savings. Well, all these tools, although at first they represent an investment by the companies, in the long run they represent greater savings and the improvement of the future of the business.

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