Is Your Android Phone Speaker Not Working? Try These Fixes

speaker doesn't work

From your mobile , you expect everything. Obviously, the main thing is that it allows you to be in communication with everyone. But beyond the calls and text messages you make, your smartphone is an object that you make in your image and likeness . You personalize it with your photos, listen to your favorite music , and configure it with the ringtones and sounds with which you most identify. Therefore, that it sounds good is essential for you. And almost certainly, it goes great most of the time , but sometimes something could go wrong. What a problem when it affects the sound ! Although no longer have to worry about that in this article, we’ll give you the answer to your question of “what do I do if my speaker does not work?” .

The illusion of all, yours included, is that the smartphone of each is indestructible , and will never cause a problem, however small it was. Unfortunately, it is impossible . You use your mobile for so many things, and you incorporate new technological advances , which is logical that, at a specific moment , something goes out of adjustment and causes a malfunction . It is what the mobile world has , and one of the possible problems could arise in the speaker , responsible for giving life to all the sounds.

While it is most likely that the fault is with the speaker itself , there are chances that the problem comes for other reasons . There are more external factors that could cause no sound to come out of your mobile , and today in this article we will try to make everything clear to you so that you can find the best solution.

We say it with the speaker very loud:

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In reference to sounds and telephones , we have told you in other interesting articles related questions , such as how to configure sound effects , or solve the echo in calls . But today in this Guide , it is time to talk about your mobile speaker … what do you have to do if it doesn’t work ?

Is your speaker damaged due to a fall?

The answer is probably no . A problem with the speaker does not have to be linked to a fall of your mobile . It is something that can happen frequently , unrelated to the terminal hitting the ground.

In case you suddenly stop hearing sounds on your smartphone , you don’t have to panic . Calmly, we will begin to see how to detect the origin of the problem , and then try to remedy it.

You have to know if the problem comes from the speaker

It is vital that you rule out that the failure comes from another source , and for this you must do the following :

Make sure that your mobile does not emit any sound , and this includes: notifications, alarms, call ringtones.
Check that you cannot put the “hands-free” mode when talking on the phone.
Be sure that none of your songs (downloaded or on YouTube) are playing.

Different ways to repair the audio on your mobile

Have you already made sure that absolutely no sound comes out of the speaker of your smartphone?

Now is the time to do this series of actions to try to solve the problem :

Check the volume: yes, it seems absurd, but maybe the problem comes from here (that you have left the volume turned off). In the settings of Sound , watch that is not muted the volume of calls, alarms and multimedia content.
Make sure there are no Bluetooth headphones connected: sometimes, if you use these types of accessories , you leave them connected even though you have stopped using them . And therefore, you are pretending that sounds come out from the speaker … and they are coming out of your headphones that you probably have very close to the mobile !
Restart the device: this simple action, although it seems incredible, can be the solution to a thousand problems , including that of the speaker. There could be a type of block that causes its failure , and the fact of restarting the mobile could be a holy remedy . Turn off, wait a few minutes, turn on again … and see if you’re lucky!

Control the Apps you recently installed: some of them may have asked you for permissions that interfere with the operation of the volume . Go uninstalling the latest applications, and see if the issue has been solved.
Restore your smartphone to factory settings : the last resort, since it does not support going back. By resetting your mobile to factory settings , you will leave it as it was when you bought it . And if there were speaker problems, they will almost magically go away … make a backup first because all data will be deleted too!

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