How to change your profile picture on Google

profile picture on Google

Several years ago, it was not so common to include a profile photo . The concept of avatar began , and the most logical thing is that people used a fantasy image , especially in programs or applications to chat or participate in certain types of games. But with the evolution of smartphones , and the consequent fact of having a camera always at hand , everything changed. And suddenly, the profile photo began to be something very common , and that they offer you to place, if you want, in countless applications or pages in which you register . There are places where it is almost a factthat you are going to put it, like Facebook , WhatsApp , the most popular social networks. And another that everyone has, but not many people personalize with their profile picture: your Google account . Do you already have an image of yourself there? Would you like to replace it ? Today we will tell in this Guide to Tecnomari , how to change your profile picture on Google .

Most of the mobile models with Android base their customization around the Google account . By setting it as the main account , a large number of installed applications and services depend on it . And therefore, the profile that you have in your Google account is the one that is later transferred to Gmail , the Google Play Store , and the rest of the company’s services. It is also inherited from Contacts.

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As for the profile photo on Google , you can replace it using different methods . Fundamentally, the options contemplate doing it from Gmail , from Contacts and from the Google App itself .

We are going to explain each of the techniques!

How to change your Google profile picture through Gmail
In the first instance, we will tell you how to do it by using the most popular mail service on Android, which is Gmail itself . From this application, you will be able to access your Google account , in order to make the change you are wanting. This is the process step by step :

Open the Gmail App
Click on the photo of your profile that is at the top right
Select the option Manage your Google account
Click on the profile photo that you see right at the top of the page (above your name and your email address
Select Choose profile photo
The application will ask you if you want to make a new one (using the camera) or choose one from the gallery
Choose the option that best suits us , and change your current profile photo for a new one
How to change your Google profile photo through Contacts
Most of the Google applications have the same format , therefore, to change your profile picture from Contacts (the calendar App of your Android mobile), you will have to do something quite similar :

Open the Contacts application on your smartphone
Click on your profile picture (it’s located at the top right)
Select the option Manage your Google account
Click on the profile photo at the top of the page (above your name and email address)
Click on the Choose profile photo option
The App will ask you if you want to make a new image through the camera or use one of your gallery or film
We select the option that you prefer , and thus you will have changed the current profile photograph for a new one

How to change your Google profile photo through the Google App
Finally, we will tell you how is the route to access to change the profile photo from the same application that Google has . It is pre-installed on a huge number of Android mobile models. And its process is as follows:

Open the Google App on your mobile
Click on the profile image (top right)
Select Manage your Google account
Please click the profile picture (on the top of the page, above your name and e-mail)
Click on Choose profile photo
Again, you will be presented with the alternative of taking a new photo with the camera, or choosing one from your gallery
Choose the option that suits you best , and replace your current profile photo with a new image.

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