How to reset an iPhone mobile

How to reset an iPhone

There are opportunities is that, for whatever reason, you have no alternative but to buy a new mobile . But there are times when it will be enough to give it “a shot of life.” It is about taking it to factory settings . Regardless of the model is, in this article will explain how to reset a mobile iPhone .

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Today is the turn to give you the right tips so that you can reset your device through iCloud . And it does not matter if your model is an iPhone 13, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone SE or an older model … you can do it in any of them !

You must first prepare your iPhone for restoration

Go to Settings> (your name)> iCloud , or Settings> iCloud (this changes depending on the iOS version)

Activate everything like to make a Backup . Once you have selected what you are going to backup (the rest, everything will be deleted), go to the Backup button (green icon). By tapping it, you will activate iCloud Backup (if you are connected to WiFi, there is the option Backup now). This will all take a few minutes.

In parallel, you can connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac , via USB , and click on the gray option to Backup now , when you see the Summary tab of your device in iTunes.

What are the next steps to reset an iPhone

You will have to access the Reset or Reset menu
Hit the main Settings icon (on the home screen), click General (in the resulting menu) and hit the Reset button (at the bottom of the page)
Proceed to clean your iPhone : you will have to choose the blue option to Delete all content , and in Settings (top) you will have to click the red option to Delete iPhone (it will appear as a pop-up window for you to confirm your decision)
How to restore or reset your iPhone
Once the restart action is completed (it may take several minutes) you have to verify that your iPhone has been restored to its official factory settings . If successful , you will see the iOS Setup Wizard upon startup .

In this step, you have to log in and configure your device from scratch . You will have the option of :

Restore from your iCloud account

Set up a brand new phone (without any of the above settings)
Use iTunes and a computer to put all your files back on the iPhone

How to Factory Reset an Old-Fashioned iPhone Using iTunes

Simply, you will have to follow these three steps :

Prepare your iPhone for restoration : Launch iTunes and make sure you have the latest version . Connect your iPhone via USB , and click on Make backup (when you see the Summary tab of your device). If you are using an iPhone 4S or a newer one , you will have to deactivate the Find my iPhone option (to do this, go to settings, select iCloud and then Find my iPhone, and with the slider, you can unsubscribe the function).

Restore your iPhone : after the backup, click the gray Restore iPhone button (when you see the Summary tab of your device appear). Click Restore in the pop-up window, confirming your decision. Click Accept to approve the software license agreement . The iOS software file will begin downloading , which is required before restoring.

Make sure the phone was restored : After the restoration process to the original factory settings is finished, if it has been done successfully, you will see the iOS Setup Wizard when you start the iPhone. It will give you the options to restore the device from a backup , or continue as if you were doing it for the first time . It will be as if you have just taken the iPhone out of its respective box.
And using any of these techniques , you can successfully reset your iPhone . You have to try them!

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