The power of video conferencing

The power of video conferencing

The power of video conferencing comes from advances in wireless and communications technology. This is what, at the moment, allows you to manage and maintain effective communication in business environments and increasingly encourages face-to-face interactions in real time, at any time and from anywhere.

Among the benefits shown by the use of videoconferencing in organizations is that it allows them to efficiently manage business communication systems, as well as obtain strategic tools for greater productivity and better business processes.

There are many ways that video conferencing manages communication, from opening new communication channels for information, marketing, education, to holding business meetings, negotiations, and even hiring and telecommuting.

In this document we will be providing you with experiences and information about the power that videoconferencing has gained in the technological world and its advantages that are obtained with its use, which will allow you to improve effective communication management in your business.

The attractiveness of this is that through videoconferencing, users can pay attention to each other and obtain the same quality of response as if they were face to face in the same space; body management is the same and the quality of the presentations becomes more accentuated, as there is a live exchange of ideas.

With video conferencing, managers can deal with staff in a more personal way, fostering better relationships throughout the organization, thereby complying with business quality policies. Additionally, it is a powerful tool to raise capacities within organizations through collaboration with experts from around the world, in the training of company personnel and the exchange of ideas and information, thus optimizing the resources of time, money and space.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing can take place in large rooms, small rooms, and even rooms that function as home offices. This is ideal for keeping the team, partners, managers and directors interconnected with each other; reducing costs in terms of transfers, hotels, travel expenses and unproductive times that can generate stress on individuals.

  • Now, what resources should the company have to carry out videoconferences? Well, the answer to this is simple, since it will depend on the type of communication you want to implement in your organization, however, within the essentials it is recommended:
  • Use Polycom equipment as the transmission medium, for a better connection between the parts. Own audio and video devices.
  • Have an internet connection with Public IP. Rooms to carry out the videoconference and
    Groups from 2 people.
  • The types of videoconferences that you can make use of are divided into 4 categories, which are:
    In-room video collaboration systems facilitate high-quality video collaboration in a group setting and include meeting rooms, boardrooms, and auditoriums.
  • Executive desktop video collaboration systems include executive office desk systems. Executive systems are all-in-one units with a built-in camera and monitor where information can be exchanged between the parties involved.
  • Desktop video conferencing for personal video collaboration takes advantage of webcams and microphones designed for personal use. With this type you can take advantage of the use of mobile devices to access the meeting.
  • Telepresence is an evolving category that represents the higher end of the spectrum of visual communications, providing an immersive communication experience, within this category includes video conferencing.

Advantages of Video conferencing to manage effective communication:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency , this is due to the elimination of barriers in time and space, allowing videoconferences to communicate with colleagues, clients and partners at any time and from anywhere. In this way the meetings become shorter and more efficient.
  • More flexibility , this is due to its functionality, which allows a user to join the meeting from any mobile device such as: laptop, smartphone, iPad or others, this is in case for some reason they do not arrive on time to the place and scheduled time.
  • More effective communication , video conferencing provides participants with a type of non-verbal communication that is reportedly an effective means of communication, as body language and facial expressions are perceived just like if they were in person.
  • Good options for remote work , here apply what are online interviews and distance learning (a frequent activity today with teleworkers or freelancers). In addition to business meetings that can be carried out with business partners and colleagues.
  • Savings in money and time , the costs in terms of business trips and staff training are definitely lower; less time for meetings, training and projects because you can communicate with the best minds, no matter where they are, and establish better communication between participants, learners and teammates.
  • It reduces organization hassles by providing easy scheduling and configuration so you don’t waste time on small details instead of fighting useless technology.
  • It offers creative solutions , since it guarantees a powerful communication tool in terms of marketing, sales and advertising of its products, this places it at an advantage over those companies that do not use these means of communication.
  • Increases employee commitment , this is due to the fact that there is a simpler collaboration in the work environment, therefore it improves the level of quality of life of the employee and in return this in turn strengthens the commitment to the organization.
  • Reduced time to market , faster interaction between employees drives innovation and can accelerate time to market for products with equal or better quality of advertising and marketing to go to market.
  • Redefining the workflow , thanks to the integration of collaboration tools and the power of video conferencing, business processes and effective communication performance are transformed to comply with the organization’s policies.
  • Promotion of innovation , with the implementation of this tool there is a deepening in the exchange of knowledge and information, so that assets are used in a better dimension and with greater efficiency.
  • Increasing the possibilities of international relationships and improving national ones , the use of videoconferencing as a tool allows organizations to create closer relationships with their clients and partners, no matter where they come from or what their culture is.
  • Interactive Computing , in order to provide well-being to organizations in terms of best practices and application of new technologies, goes hand in hand with Polycom and they describe the power of videoconferencing in business, its profitability and how to integrate this tool to improve and make more efficient the economic results of the business, offering personalized technical advice in this regard.

Part of the benefits of video conferencing for corporate use is that it includes cost savings, productivity gains, and better ways to manage time and make it effective. Therefore, from this moment on, it is convenient to name and make known to you the saving power that the implementation of videoconferencing has within organizations.

Finally, it is essential for any organization of any kind and size to advance over time with technology because what was impossible a few years ago, today is the everyday, translated into benefits and win-win opportunities, among companies. and its employees.

The power of videoconferencing is increasing and leads to the emergence of the best business transformations, so it is recommended to all those responsible for the IT department, promote the use of this tool according to business needs in order to achieve truthful and effective communication from all corners of the world.

If you wish to obtain more information in this regard, in terms of equipment, programs and devices that you should use, we invite you to subscribe to the Interactive Computing Newsletter so that you can be personally attended and technically advised, in order to make an intelligent decision that leads to your business to a true transformation.

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