How to protect a data center?

data center

Learn which items require the most attention from IT teams to ensure corporate data is always protected from attacks, failures, and leaks.

Data Center is the technological environment where all the operations of a company are carried out. It is also, among IT expenses, the most expensive item in relation to maintenance, air conditioning, frequent updates and storage, among other issues. For that reason, when there is a need to reduce operational costs, data center security can benefit. A big mistake for any company.

How to protect a data center?

According to the Cisco 2017 Annual Security Report, security attacks on company Data Centers have had significant consequences, with almost 25% losses in these companies of business opportunities, 20% of customers and more than 30 % in expenses. One of the biggest risk examples of such oversight is the recent emergence of ransomware attacks around the world, which cost the targeted companies more than $ 5 trillion, in addition to reputational damage.

Data Center attention

In order for the security of the Data Center to be a priority, there are different elements to be observed and ensured. The first points to be addressed in the protection of companies are the failures in the accounting of the information and the repetitive errors, of all the factors that need to be eliminated.

Afterwards, it is essential to carry out constant diagnoses on the risks that the Data Center may be carrying out, reinforcing the security of the most vulnerable doors to invasions. Even physical issues must be considered, such as the location of servers, restrictions on access to the Data Center room only for authorized persons, the risks of leaks in the place of installation of the machines, consider the possibility of disasters and accidents. , among others.

100% data secure center

From a digital point of view, data center security depends on establishing a disaster recovery plan, securing files before they are stored and acquiring the applications and management software that adapt to the workflow of the entire team. In this way, in addition to protection, it is possible to guarantee savings in time, especially with training, allowing the attention of employees to be focused on monitoring the actions of the Data Center.

There is 100% data secure center whose team is working tirelessly to prevent attacks or disasters. Therefore, the matter should be a priority for companies that have an interest in keeping your information protected.


Threats beyond firewall barriers

Cisco specialists point out that once threats come from both inside and outside the firewall, users need to adopt more than just a “trust and verify” approach to defend against cybersecurity attacks.

Security must go beyond the perimeter of data centers and encompass devices from switches to rotators, as attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and explore hardware and software vulnerabilities. Thus, the fundamental thing to have a truly secure Data Center is to guarantee the transparency of a reliable system.

This, because thousands of new vulnerabilities are discovered every moment and knowing which of these must be immediately repaired, has become one of the main challenges for digital security teams around the world. It is constant work, since not all vulnerabilities are created equal. Some are trivial, while others can be completely destructive.

New technologies demand more from Data Centers

IoT, Big Data and other technologies that are rapidly becoming popular on the world stage, require even greater infrastructure of a Data Center, which will have to obtain more and more, better information.

In Brazil alone, according to a survey by Abbes (Brazilian Association of Software Companies), more than 6 billion dollars were invested between 2015 and 2016 in software, services and hardware for the development of the Internet of Things. A sign that large amounts of data need secure data centers to be stored.

In this way, achieving a secure Data Center depends on the ability to identify which software, hardware and systems are a priority, and who needs redoubled attention in the day-to-day of organizations. These actions are essential for the digital health of any organization.

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