Data theft stories you need to know to be safe

data theft

Data theft stories

The stories of fraud in the digital field are increasingly presented with more regularity, this is due to the preference that exists to develop digital operations and activities of all kinds, that is why thefts and cyber scams became more common , and you should know incidents so that you take the appropriate measures.

The scams and attempted data theft , are carried out online as well as through downloads or revenues to malicious emails, but the stories are booming on online shopping and scams, one of the offenses technologies with the highest incidence.

The risks of losing data online are part of reality, which is dangerous because too much banking information travels on the devices, for example, being one of the common sources when stealing data, so there is no place for carelessness because then there are worse consequences.

Given the various events that take place on any digital device, so put your personal data safe and protected , so that there are no regrets of irreversible losses, the key part is to allocate a good place to your database , that way you can have greater peace of mind.

The most frequent testimonies are established about identity theft , because they create surveys or fraudulent links where they request your ID to create false profiles, or even change passwords through a digital bank, this means that it is essential not to share this type documentation.

In the same way, a type of recurring history is the appearance of false family emergencies , from messaging applications, a family problem arises with a common name, to request money and sometimes this takes effect and they receive income through this means .

In the middle of applications such as WhatsApp for example, you can know some stories of scam or data theft , because it is a channel that is not exempt from it, the same happens on a personal level with the care of your devices.

Therefore other events of theft of information or money, is the phishing where an email impersonates the image of a company, to use the keys or the data they provide, because they emit a message requesting more information about the user, this can be original from a myriad of organizations, they are usually service providers.

Data theft stories
Data theft stories

Fraud and theft are latent in digital spaces

Online and offline data can also be lost through viruses and malware, therefore data protection needs to be robust , in this way the appearance of hackers can be combated in a timely manner, without losing information due to these malicious actions. because they are occurrences that occur if you do not have the proper defense.

Millions of users have their data on digital devices, and these are unprotected for being part of a social network, virtual store, forums, and even downloads, since they are the most vulnerable points that are associated with data loss, this exists since the introduction of web 2.0 which has started the application of malicious techniques.

This does not mean that web 2.0 is dangerous, because you can know its benefits from funds , but it is about taking forecasts based on the events that are being generated digitally, it is the same as it happens in everyday life.

The appearance of viruses and Trojans only seeks to deceive users to extract their personal data, that is why antivirus programs present more powerful updates, as well as tools to detect any malware or measures that can prevent this data theft that has been raised as a situation. common.

The theft of massive data also exists on platforms where you register, so it is best to think twice where You enter your personal data, thus can limit the occurrence of identity theft and appropriation of data, because they are problems they inhabit the digital environment.

Types of data theft today
Types of data theft today

The most used techniques on data theft

The development of data theft occurs through techniques such as Trojans , because they are programs that disguise themselves to operate from the user’s computer, and the keylogger, which is a malware that reads the keystrokes that arise from the keyboard, to know what the user does.

But the most predominant history of data theft is through the formjacking technique , where all the data entered for a form is stolen since the website is controlled by a criminal, more than 60% of this type of theft , ends up damaging the use of the credit card.

Although hackers over time modify their techniques, to put aside the defenses or the antivirus filters, that is why personal care can also make a big difference, the same happens with the protection of the database that you have, because your data deserves the best guarantee.

In the same way, cryptography is a basic aspect to protect the information , this is a technique so that the information is not so exposed, in addition there are different modalities to apply greater security to the data, the same happens with the level of privacy that you dedicate to emails.

Protect the most sensitive data

In the case of personal or banking information, it is essential that much more rigorous security protocols are used , until considering the inclusion of digital signatures for document authentication, this includes research into anti-malware tools.

One of the concepts or modalities with which you should familiarize yourself is with scammers , since they are the ones that online portals use to carry out scams, to know about scammers you can read here , that way you can understand more about these stories that they make you doubting the security of your equipment or digital operations.

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