Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing

digital marketing over traditional marketing

With more and more spaces to share information and interact, the internet has revolutionized the world of marketing. Added to this are new tools to measure campaign performance and technologies to refine segmentation.

Although it is clear that traditional marketing is not dead and that one format does not replace the other, the integration of digital marketing is essential for companies. Furthermore, many businesses should make this area their priority.

The 2018 Subtle survey indicates that 87.4% of households in Chile have internet access. Of these, 34.1% stated that they had made an online purchase in the last 3 months. In other words, the vast majority of Chileans communicate and get information online, and more than a third make purchases in electronic commerce.

This data alone should be enough to demonstrate the importance of digital marketing. However, there are also a number of advantages that make this type of campaign very beneficial for companies.

Why invest in digital marketing?

The main reason to invest in digital is that today it is a greater space for interaction with audiences . The number of users on the internet grows every year and the platforms, formats and tools multiply.

The advancement of these technologies also brings a series of advantages that further support the importance of investing in digital marketing.

Costs reduction

One of the great barriers of traditional marketing is its high price. Advertising on television, radio and print media requires a huge amount of resources.

Although it is a mistake to think that in digital it is not necessary to have a good budget, the figures can be much lower. Depending on the industry and the type of business, the investment in paid ads to obtain concrete results can be very moderate.

Real-time monitoring

Digital measurement tools allow you to see the performance of each campaign at the exact moment it is being implemented. On a dashboard with real-time data, ad analysts can see which formats and calls are driving the most traffic and driving the most conversions.

Thanks to this, companies have full control to stop a campaign or analyze the need to make changes.

Modifications on the fly

If a campaign is identified as not delivering the expected results, changes can be made immediately to optimize it.

This is not possible in traditional ads, where the performance of the campaign is discovered at the end of its implementation. In addition, many times it is not possible to attribute the results to specific actions or know the specific numbers associated.

Greater segmentation and personalization

Digital advertising platforms allow you to define with great accuracy who will see the campaigns. You can define the geographical location, age, gender and even interests.

This information is not only very relevant to reach the public that the company wants to reach, it also opens up an enormous possibility of personalizing messages. With personalization being one of the most efficient and powerful strategies in marketing, this means a huge advantage.

Concrete results

The tools track all interactions and results, including impressions, clicks, reactions, and total conversions.

Thanks to this, campaign reports can show concrete data. This allows companies to make a detailed analysis of the return on investment and reliable projections for the following campaigns.

Investment in digital marketing

The necessary investment in digital marketing is considerably less than traditional marketing , if we take into account the great scope that the Internet world provides us and that the website, once created, is an online showcase that will work 24 hours a day and will be visible to anyone who accesses searches related to our sector. This is unfeasible in traditional marketing, where media such as the press, television, radio, etc., require periodic investment to obtain optimal results.

Visible results and objective analysis

Within digital marketing, any strategy that we carry out is measurable and we can analyze all kinds of data, even in real time. The information you provide us is capable of offering us the keys to adapt to the habits and consumption preferences of users. This is tremendously positive to make the necessary modifications, in search of improving the customer experience and generating targeted traffic, in line with the interests of our business.

Brand image

Digital marketing allows us to use tools to improve our brand image. This section includes the quality content of our website, personalized customer service, the use of social networks to approach the consumer directly and closely, etc. While traditional marketing offers us limited resources, digital marketing opens the door to inexhaustible resources to build a professional brand image, capable of creating a community, retaining customers and prescribers that help us grow our business through the Internet.

Integration with traditional marketing

Companies that already have traditional marketing campaigns can strategically coordinate with digital ads and other digital marketing actions . In this way, they will be able to reach their audience in the different spaces with coherent and attractive messages.

The ideal marketing strategy will manage to take advantage of all the advantages of digital marketing without neglecting the benefits of traditional campaigns.

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