Top 11 WhatsApp Alternatives for Smartphone

Top 11 WhatsApp Alternatives for Smartphone

WhatsApp Alternatives for Smartphone

WhatsApp Alternatives for Smartphone was acquired by Facebook for the large amount, WhatsApp is down more than a couple of times. All messaging went offline for a few minutes and at the same time people started searching for best WhatsApp alternative for their smartphone. On the other hand, people feel lack of privacy on WhatsApp and few users think that their battery drains quickly mainly because of this little WhatsApp app. The reasons may be different, but people started looking for the best WhatsApp alternatives regardless of the mobile operating system.

Collection of the best WhatsApp alternatives

Here is an impressive collection of WhatsApp alternatives for better messaging. WhatsApp charges around $1/year which is really a small amount that any mobile user can handle. Few apps on this list are completely free to use, however data charges may apply.


Every time the WhatsApp servers went down, people started signing up for Telegram. They officially tweeted that many millions of new users joined Telegram within hours when WhatsApp stopped working. Without a doubt, Telegram is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives for an amazing messaging experience. Telegram is currently available for Android and IOS. It is completely free and has no hidden subscriptions. You can even access Telegram messages from desktop and set a status message just like on WhatsApp.


Viber is almost similar to WhatsApp, which uses mobile phone numbers to identify users. Once you install Viber on your device, it will send you a verification code via text message and then access all your contacts on your mobile. You will connect with all Viber users in your address book automatically. Viber even has a voice call option, where WhatsApp will get the voice call option in a few months.

we chat

WeChat is a China-based company that turns from a messaging app into a small social media app that allows group chatting, photo and video sharing along with voice and video calling features. WeChat is the best app to discover new friends. It also allows location sharing. WeChat is available for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry. Nokia and the computer

kakao talk

Like WhatsApp, Kakao Talk sends you a 4-digit verification code when you sign up for an account on Kakao Talk messenger. After successful verification, it searches for other Kakao Talk users in your address book to connect automatically. It allows sharing photos and voice notes along with the option of group chat. It provides the function of voice call over the Internet all over the world.


During its launch in 2009, Kik is purely a BlackBerry app and later it is expanded for various platforms as well. Unlike WhatsApp, Kik does not require any mobile phone number, it asks for a normal registration. Kik has a built-in web browser, so people can browse the Internet without even leaving the app.


After installing and verifying the Line app on your smartphone, it immediately adds your number to its database and you can directly connect with all Line users in your contact list. The line also has a desktop version for both Windows and Macintosh, where you can reply to messages directly from your PC. Voice calls can be made to any line user in your contact list over the Internet. Line is available for Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry.


Tango is little more than a messaging app, it has friend discovery, in-game apps, photo sharing and much more. Tango is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives that also allows voice calls and video calls over the Internet. Tango is currently available for Android, Apple, BlackBerry and PC.

life profile

The working concept of Live Profile is a bit different from WhatsApp and more similar to BlackBerry Messenger. Once you register an account on Live Profile, you can add your mobile phone number; people can discover you with that mobile number to connect. Along with mobile phone numbers, you will get a unique Live Profile pin, which you can share with other people instead of your mobile number. It does not have a voice call option, but it is still a WhatsApp alternative with standard messaging features. Live Profile is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

chat in

WhatsApp Alternatives for Smartphone Chat On is a messaging application created and developed by Samsung. Chat On is slowly expanding to all major mobile platforms including IOS, Android, BlackBerry and Bada. It also has a desktop version to send and receive Chat On messages from PC. Once you register an account on Chat On with your mobile number just like you did on WhatsApp, you search for other Chat On users from your contact list. Chat is enabled if you have Chat On users in your list.

group me

GroupMe asks you to create an account using your email and then asks you to verify your number via SMS. This app is specially designed for group messaging. The best part of the GroupMe app is that even the words without Internet, Yes! Messages can be received and sent via SMS, but standard US messaging charges may apply.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is the best WhatsApp alternative but the only drawback is that you can only send messages to your Facebook friends. Recently, Facebook Messenger got the option of free voice calling over the Internet. Facebook messenger is available for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry and may expand to other mobile platforms soon.

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