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Similarities between Human Mandala and Printed Mandala

Printed Mandala

The home decor has just got easier with affordable products, with aesthetically pleasing design and colors. The decor is not at all about china, expensive couches or antiques. The millennials are pulling out the old fashioned ways of decorating their room with menial affordable products which give a diverse or ethnic look to their room. 

One of the products that are commonly spotted in the hostel rooms or the bedrooms of youngsters is the wall tapestries. This piece of fabric is light, thin, easy to manage and super affordable. These tapestries perfectly fill the empty spaces on the walls without having to compromise the other furniture. These tapestries are available in almost all sizes, designs, shapes, colors etc, which makes it even more appealing to the masses. 

The most common kind of design observed on these wall tapestries is the mandala. Mandala is a symbol from the Hindu philosophy which denotes spirituality, divines of the universe, the intricate patterns of life, and the designs being insync and uniformed. This uniformity defines the nature of the universe and the beauty of it. Mandala resides in this beautiful art and its designs in one fabric. Hence the design is famous among youngsters due to its aesthetically pleasing circular design and uniformity. The handmade mandalas and printed mandalas possess some of the similarities between them;

Attention to  detail

The mandala tapestry must have started out with hands. The  intricate designs and the patterns require attention to details to make a perfect mandala. It is fascinating to think that a human mind can create such artwork by hand. Every little detail adds to the value of that mandala and gives it a complete look. The printed mandalas include an ink pattern which is printed by the machine and bound to have identicalness to it. 

Colorful designs

Mandala tapestry The handmade and the printed mandala tapestries can be done using mono color or multicolor for various patterns on it. The use of multiple colors on the mandalas make it bright and vibrant, almost giving it a boho vibe. The design can add an ehtnic look to almost any aspect of your life. Be it a wallpaper, clothes or books, the mandala design can fit almost anywhere. 

Promotes Spirituality

The mandala is believed to be a spiritual and peaceful symbol . The standard mandala exudes the aura of peace and spirituality. The circular design itself plays a vital role as the pattern itself expands from a central point on the fabric and branches out beautifully. This symbolizes how your mind extends its  horizon and branches out in a wider and beautiful  perspective of life. 


The process of drawing a mandala itself is a state of meditation. The printed mandala tapestries are commonly used as yoga sheets by the beach. The calmness of the beach and the spirituality of mandala combine into a great harmony and eventually helps in meditation. The design is not too loud or ‘in your face’, rather the uniformity of these printed mandalas are soothing to the eyes. 

The mandala tapestry wall tapestries  can vary in their shapes and textures as well. The smaller ones can be decorated with beads, pathwork, and beautiful stitches. The printed ones although lack texture but are equally pretty. Both can be used in any manner or fashion however your creative brain works. They both are multipurpose and can be decorated within any part of your room. Since both kinds of tapestry are home decor products which drastically enhance the feel and the vibe of your room. 

They both are commonly seen among the hipsters, boho, beach lifestyle. The colors of these designs just pop out on the fabric. At times, you can also use glow in the dark paint on these fabrics to give them  a psychedelic twist to it. The designs are mostly nature themed and concise geometric shapes. The more you look at them, the more you can find the complexities and the divine reason behind it. The mandalas usually vary from each other in the designs used in the patterns and around them. Not all mandalas have beautiful curves and bends in their circles, some have drawings of human figures, animals like elephants, peacocks etc. 

Either way, these tapestries are the go-to designs and look near the beach destinations. The laid back feel to it adds to the relaxing time you have at the beach. These are some of the  beautiful pieces of art on fabric which one should definitely not miss out on. 

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