What is MBaaS – Mobile backend as a service and who uses it?

MBaaS - Mobile backend

What is MBaaS – Mobile backend as a service 

Mobile Backend as a Service, or mBaaS, is a development model that is based on cloud technology. It allows you to outsource all behind the scenes components of your web or mobile app so you only need to write and maintain the front end (interface). That can save you and your company a tremendous amount of time and money when developing an application.

The way it works is simple. mBaaS providers offer pre-built software for the types of activities that take place on the server side . Some examples of these features include user authentication, cloud storage and hosting, database management, remote updates, and even push notifications for mobile apps. The only thing you are responsible for is the user interface and any client-side logic that your application needs to function. The result is a drastically reduced project to get your application up and running.

There are many different options when it comes to mBaaS providers. It’s important to carefully weigh what each provider offers and what the downsides are so you can make an informed decision for your business.

The good news is that many options mean that you can likely find the perfect solution for your application’s backend development needs. The problem is that you will have to sort through the different options to find out which one works best. This article covers some of the most popular mBaaS providers on the market today. But before you choose a provider, it’s important that you understand exactly how BaaS brings value to you and your company.

How mBaaS creates value

Why do you need an mBaaS? There are many ways mBaaS can add value to your business. It’s a powerful service that frees up resources so you can do what you do best. However, it is always useful to have a more specific idea of ​​how something can create value for your company. That is what this section covers. The main ways mBaaS creates value are:

save time

One of the most important things mBaaS does for your business is save you time. Using mBaaS means you’ll have all the infrastructure you need to run your application without the hassle of setting up that infrastructure.

The result is that your application will be up and running faster. That means you have a better ability to hit deadline windows, take advantage of seasonal trends, drive engagement and sales, or make sure your game is running smoothly.

Save on skilled labor

Another way mBaaS creates value for companies is by saving money on skilled labor. Some companies have no development team at all. Others may have a small team of IT staff with multiple responsibilities. As a result, developing your application backend from scratch means spending huge resources and capital.

However, when you use an mBaaS, you don’t need this type of skilled labor. That means you’ll save money on contractors and consultants. It also means your IT team can focus on developing and improving your application interface. Finally, for some SMBs, it can mean saving money by hiring one or more full-time employees. That means higher profits and less stress for you.

Focus on core business operations

Unless your core business is developing backend operations for applications, it’s very likely that building your application will distract you from your core business operations. Backend as a Service means you can focus on what you do best while someone else takes care of the highly specialized work of your backend infrastructure.

The result is that you’ll be able to sell more widgets, bill more hours, or focus on making sure your latest game is awesome. Focusing on the core operations of your business ensures that you consistently deliver the highest quality product possible, and allows you to focus on finding ways to grow your business. Allowing yourself to be distracted by operations that are not core to your business can result in loss of quality, lost growth opportunities, and other inconveniences.

Expanded service options

One of the best things you get when you use BaaS for your application is that there are several service options. That means you can pay and get exactly the help you need. The best mBaaS providers offer free mBaaS for things like development and prototyping. They will also offer expanded service options that will allow your company to get more support.

These expanded service options allow you to control your costs relative to your needs. It also simplifies your costs by incorporating everything into one easy-to-understand bill. That includes things like data transfer, infrastructure costs, security, backup, and customer support. As a result, you don’t have to shop around and deal with these potential barriers to your success. You just need to focus on your business.

SMEs get great value

Small and medium-sized companies get even more value from mBaaS. This is because these companies are less likely to have the talent base and infrastructure to develop the backend of an application. Also, SMEs benefit even more from having an app. A branded app on the app store gives your SME an air of authority and legitimacy. It also greatly expands the ways you can do business, increasing customer engagement and sales while saving valuable resources on backend development.

As a result of all this, mBaaS allows SMBs to maintain the advantage of being flexible and quick to react, while offering them all the power that large companies get from having their own application. Getting all the benefits of your size without the drawbacks of smaller budgets and fewer staff helps take your SME to the next level.

How can mBaaS help you?

As you can see, mobile backend as a service is a powerful tool that helps companies of all sizes grow. No matter what type of application your company needs, outsourcing the backend development process will save you a tremendous amount of time and money. It will also allow you to focus on the things that matter most to your business, such as the application interface and your core business operations. If you are or are planning to develop an application, you should contact some BaaS providers to find out how BaaS can help you. service, real life examples, and how you can reduce costs.

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