How to Make Your Small Business Successful using social media

Small Business Successful using social media

Using social media

Social networks mean a breakthrough in new forms of interaction and communication with the consumer. Currently it is essential for any company to actively use this powerful tool to be in direct contact with the consumer and respond to the demands of customers who are increasingly gifted with criteria when exercising their purchasing power. Another important function of social media or social media is to enhance the visibility of the company with an effective marketing strategy in an increasingly competitive and innovative market.

Logically, large companies have prestigious professionals from the marketing sector and social media professionals to draw up the ideal plan on how to act on social networks to obtain the best traffic results and increase their consumer audience. As a result they generate an increase in their sales and business growth. Although it is difficult to compete with large companies, it is not an impossible task for SMEs , or for family businesses to reach their space and be recognized. The path to success is to make strategic use of social media, considered one of the most democratic means to stand out and challenge the big brands and businesses. Below we will explain what steps small businesses should take to use social media as a growth tool:

1. Know the consuming public

Depending on the field of action of a small company, it is important to trace the profile of the consumer and know in which social networks the client is connected. A study conducted by the Social Media Examine in the year 2017 , confirms that Facebook is one of the best social media for small businesses to increase their number of customers, according to the research, a total of 94% of those interviewed use the social network .

2. Create strategies to publish quality content

By choosing to be present on social media, managers and directors of a small business must bring credibility and trust to the customer. One of the ways to conquer the consumer is to create a variety of interesting content with quality information about the brand or company. It is important to create an editorial calendar for social media and thus promote the presence on the internet in a strategic and organized way.

It is essential to note that content creation is one of the cheapest ways to advertise with quality on social networks , considering that a company that is just starting out in the market does not have as many resources to invest in advertising.

3. Promote communication with the client

Facilitating a communication channel with the consumer and promptly responding to any questions or suggestions through social networks is an intelligent action for small businesses to stand out. The client expects to have an answer to any doubt or question. Offering fast and efficient service and facilitating the forms of communication through online chats, email , is a way to take care of the customer and build loyalty.

4 Add more and more users

According to the Social Media Examiner Research , Facebook and Instagram were considered one of the two best social networks in 2017, highlighting the rise of Instagram, where 54% of those interviewed said they used the platform. Knowing the importance of these social networks is essential for small businesses looking to grow, promote content, advertise the business and mainly add as many users as possible to these social networks.

As the number of users expands more and more, potential customers will be able to see each content shared by the company. Starting by inviting friends and family is a way to grow the circle of users, thus favoring the visibility of the business.

Exploiting and strategically using the various resources that social networks have to boost the growth of a small business is an interesting way of competing with big brands or large companies, being a democratic way of being seen by the consumer. Through smart marketing strategies and effort, it is possible for any company to conquer its space in the competitive market.

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