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How to promote a page on Facebook for free

How to promote a page on Facebook

Style, optimization, events, video content and more attention to comments are some of the best practices that help you spread your corporate profile on the social network par excellence. But let’s dive into how to promote a Facebook page for free and effectively. Here are the 8 keys that help you achieve it :

1. Build a corporate fan page that is attractive and with its own style

Looking for inspiration in the profiles of well-known brands will give you good ideas. What can not be missing is that you put these three tips into practice:

Upload a good cover and profile photo.
Do not forget to fill in the corporate profile with the name of your brand and company. Complete it with an attractive description of your activity , location, email and website or blog.
Also incorporate some content to prevent it from looking empty. I recommend that you upload articles, photos or videos in the albums on the page.

2. Optimize your website for Facebook

There are several quite effective methods to redirect your website or blog visits to your social media profiles. It is a strategy that is invariably applied by those who know how to promote a page on Facebook for free and that you can replicate like this:

Include buttons on your site that make it possible to follow you on social networks, as well as plugins that allow content to be shared on Facebook.
You can also download other types of plugins to add comments to your Facebook account or directly incorporate (embed) content from your Facebook page on your website.
In the following article you can find complete and updated information about social plugins: share button, save, inserted comments, recommendations, possibility of registering on our website through Facebook account, etc.

3. Organize giveaways

Conducting raffles in a timely manner not only allows you to generate engagement with your current followers, but also makes it possible to expand the avenues to let you know more people interested in your content and improve your brand image. Not everything goes, so write down these keys that will help you achieve the expected results:

If your goal is to give your brand more visibility or get more followers, you can require that the participants be followers of your fan page and suggest that they share it on their profiles. If your award is attractive, you will surely be able to boost your number of followers.

If, in addition, your objective is to attract users for your database , guide the dynamics of the giveaway so that one of the requirements is to fill out a form. By working on a lead nurturing strategy, you will be able to create value relationships that push the participant towards the sale of one of your products or services.

In all cases, make sure you follow Facebook’s rules for giveaways . In this article you can find a guide to correctly focus the strategy of your giveaways.

4. Maximize User Generated Content (UGC)

Today we live surrounded by advertisements. That makes branded content only trustworthy up to a point. In these cases, the UGC can become your best ally to generate trust and create a connection with users.

Several studies have shown that UGC is more relevant and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. The information of this type of content will be perceived as something real and truthful that comes from people with the same concerns as them . Take advantage of the opinions and concerns of your audience to get closer to them and generate greater interest and trust in your community. In addition, it will allow you to save time and costs in creating content!

5. Post video content and encourage your followers to share it

Through videos it is possible to capture the attention of users more effectively than through images . There are several studies that have shown that the use of videos is clearly superior to that of images when it comes to advertising, something to keep in mind when considering how to promote a page on Facebook for free.

This also carries over to organic native videos. Infoxication makes more and more users look for content of value that is easy and quick to consume . Using native videos will allow users to stop scrolling through the Facebook feed to view your content for a longer period of time.

Use valuable content such as testimonials, FAQ or even showing the vision “from within” of your company to generate trust in your company and create greater engagement with the published content.

Keep in mind that most users have the sound turned off by default, so I recommend adding subtitles to offer a better viewing experience.

6. Make the most of hashtags

Unlike Instagram , hashtags are rarely used as frequently on Facebook, but they can be a great way to join in on trending conversations .

The way to achieve this is by sticking to just one or two hashtags in order to receive more engagement and facilitate the discovery of your content. You can use tools like Hashtagify to discover the most popular ones.

7. Join Facebook groups on related topics

Unlike pages, in groups all members can post. So you are interested in joining groups related to the activity sector of your company or the topics of your blog, because it is a very simple and fast way to:

Give more visibility to your content and make it viral.
Achieve greater user involvement , for example with debates, polls and voting.
It is clear that they are a good way to promote a Facebook page for free, although you have to bear in mind that some groups are private and, therefore, you will have to register and wait for them to accept you.

I also recommend that you do not abuse when it comes to the number of groups you join, or the amount and frequency of advertising posts you share, since you run the risk of being expelled.

8. Stay active in the comment section

There is nothing worse than leaving a comment and seeing that you will never receive a response . Interact with users who post content on your page. Take time to answer them and answer their questions.

Doing so shows that you are committed to them and, at the same time, helps you build trust as a brand. It is a very effective way to get your followers to speak well of you.



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