What is an online press release?

The digitization of the media has been a consolidated reality for years, so it is essential that the communications that companies make about their corporate news have an online presence.

The media are in full evolution towards online. They no longer just want information from agencies and companies, but they soak up information on blogs, social networks or using search engines. What does this mean? That now you have a great opportunity to be found by these influential journalists and bloggers thanks to your online press releases.

In the 2.0 world, the possibilities of increasing the notoriety of our company are multiplying. The viral power of the internet and social networks allows you to be found more easily, generate more interest and achieve the goal of appearing in the media.

What is an online press release

Press releases are a corporate communication resource whose usefulness goes beyond being a means of reporting newsworthy events to journalists, editors and bloggers. They have established themselves as a very effective instrument for online marketing that allows increasing visibility, obtaining greater impact and engagement in social networks or even improving search engine positioning.

In short, press releases are journalistic texts written by communication professionals that aim to convey a message related to the company or institution from which they come.

These press releases have an issuer , which can be either the company itself that wants to communicate something or an agency that is in charge of intermediating between it and the recipients. The recipients are the media that you want to publish the information: mainly digital press, print, blogs, influencers, radio and television (and, consequently, the society that will read that news).

This online press release is intended to inform about some notable aspect within the company , and each one will have a specific objective, such as, for example:

Communicate the obtaining of some important recognition .
Launches of products or services.
Promote events .
Present the opening of a delegation, branch, etc.
Disprove information harmful to the company.
Share news and relevant news for the company.

Why make press releases online

What advantages do we obtain from working our communication strategy, in part, from online press releases?

Increase the visibility of our brand on the internet: a press release can have a great impact, so that you can multiply the ways to share your content. This is key when it comes to making the information viral , since you can send it to the media of your interest and then there are many ways to share it so that it reaches your audience.
Increase the credibility of our communications: the fact that the company itself reports its news is perceived as a reliable source of information about it. And if this information is also published in relevant media in the sector, this communication will have added value. If the media sees you as a reliable source, there will be plenty of opportunities for you.

Attract qualified leads to our online brand: online press releases can also become a recruitment channel . By including the necessary engagement elements throughout your content, or even by providing your contact information directly, you will make it easier for interested people to engage with you.

In the medium and long term, more will be said about your business: the greater the number of communications sent to media professionals, the more chances of getting publications in other media .
You get very high-quality links: press releases help you generate high-quality backlinks , essential to achieve better positions in Google and other search engines.

You strengthen the keywords you are targeting: you have to take advantage of the opportunity that someone reproduces or adapts the article you submit and for that you have to use keywords from your market, those keywords with which you identify and want them to find your Mark.

More options to be viral on social networks: the fact of appearing in the media more frequently makes them share you in places like Facebook or Twitter more assiduously. Of course, you can also share it on your social profiles to enhance this virality.

online press release
online press release

How to write an online press release: structure

Now that we have discovered the benefits of creating press releases online, let’s move on to practice. How do we structure an online press release? Next, I show you step by step:

1. Header

The header of the press release is what allows you to identify it as such. When you send the press release to a news center, it is important to clarify that the document is a press release. This should be reflected in the upper left part of the page. You should also include your logo.

2. Holder

This is the subject of the press release. It should be short, direct, and attention-grabbing . It is recommended that you do not exceed 10 words and include a keyword to improve SEO.

3. Featured

Use them to highlight ideas right after the title. Highlighting two or three main ideas prompts the reader to keep reading. It is useful, although optional.

4. Include keywords

It begins by indicating the city and the date on which the press release is based to place the reader. After that, make a summary of the highlights of the news, in a maximum of three lines (less than fifty words). It is advisable to include keywords to improve search engine rankings.

The content must answer the key questions that every informant asks himself: what, who, how, when, where, why, for what / who , in order to leave no room for doubt. Keep in mind that you must make a small advance of the content, adding details that were given in the title of the note.

5. Body of the text

Develop what is exposed in the headline. If it is a short press release, it should be between 300 and 500 words (about three or four paragraphs). When you want to communicate the launch of a product, guide, etc. the press release can be longer to provide a better description.

The body of text has to follow the journalistic scheme of the inverted pyramid and show the information in order of importance, answering the questions what, who, when, how, where, why and for what as we said before. It is essential to meet the expectations generated in the headline and not repeat yourself. It is also advisable to include a link to your website every two paragraphs.

Remember that you should never do direct advertising in your press releases, as they will be classified as Spam and that is something you want to avoid above all. Focus on producing newsworthy content!

6. Company information

It ends with a brief summary of the company , where you explain who you are, your specialization and above all, the real contact information for those who are interested in contacting.

Also add a direct link to the “about us” section of your website or to your company’s online dossier. In this space you can explain the evolution of the company, its vision, activity … but do not extend more than two paragraphs!

7. Contact information

Among the contact information that you must provide in a simple and accessible way, you will find:

Name of the spokesperson representing the company before the media

8. Additional material (images, infographics, videos …)

As it is an online format, you can include in your note all kinds of additional material, such as photographs or videos related to the press release . To attract visitors, instead of saturating the press release with multimedia elements, it is more interesting to link this added material to your website.

Types of online press releases

Now that you are clear about what an online press release is, let’s see the different types that exist , depending on the purpose for which the statement was created:

Classic press release. It is one that has a traditional tone, as well as a formal language mainly oriented to inform about relevant general aspects of the company.

It can be about recognitions, anniversaries, opening of branches …

Product online note. It is one that informs about the launch of a new product or service, it is more attractive than a classic statement. Sometimes the downloading of images or videos is facilitated, as well as the value of testimonials about the new product.

Social press release. It is defined as having a less formal language and a more interactive character.

Online Notes of Appointments. It is used when you need to present an appointment in the company. It is allowed to add information about said person, as well as their profiles on social networks, photographs or testimonials.

Announcement in the digital press of events. It is the one that informs about an event and includes relevant information about it such as the reason, the location and / or the date. You can attach a map of “how to get there”, a hashtag of the event or a streaming video for those who have not been able to attend.

Seven good practices to write a good online press release
Next, let’s get to work: what are the seven keys to writing a good online press release?

1. Determine the topic and audience first
The topic of your press release should be newsworthy and contain crucial information. You must ensure that your information is clear and concise .

It is important that you analyze who your content is aimed at, who might be interested in the news. It is not about doing a mass mailing via email, but rather about having a database of informational supports that, due to thematic affinity or geographical proximity, among other aspects, may be interested in your teaching and the products. or services that you tell them about in the informative note.

If you have several topics to discuss, you can create an editorial calendar for your press room to organize all the information you want to share and anticipate those relevant dates you want to communicate about. In this way, you can make sure that the news you are sharing is varied and you will have more scope to organize and prepare the most outstanding ones.

2. Work on SEO
When we create a press release, especially in online format, we must think that it will probably be published earlier on a digital portal than in print. First, because there are much more and, second, because more and more media are publishing only online.

This digital nature will help us to enhance our SEO strategy , since a link published on different pages can attract traffic to your website with little effort. If you work keywords in your own press release, you can even rank in Google!

Therefore, it is very important to optimize your press releases . That is, try to make the keywords that interest us appear, underline the important aspects in bold, create titles and subtitles, put links, etc.

Finally, if you send it through a payment platform and there is the option, it is very interesting to add categories and tags to the note.

3. Complement it with multimedia files
As it is an online format, you can include additional material that makes the content more attractive and visual , such as photos or videos related to the press release. It will be more attractive to your users, and for digital journalists it is very important to have the added value of this multimedia content.

Nor should you saturate the press release with these elements, it is more interesting to link this optional material or offer it as a carousel format on the web in case you want to expand the information.

4. Add sharing buttons to social networks
You should not forget your Social Media actions when sending a press release. As far as you can, you should add the social buttons of your company to invite the reader to spread the news among their community or to enter your networks.

5. Add call-to-action buttons and / or forms
As we have commented previously, online press releases can also help us with the capture of leads for our database.

If you have your own press room, it is interesting that you add conversion elements such as call-to-action buttons and / or forms so that interested users subscribe to your more corporate communications .

Likewise, if it is an event or product launch announcement, adding these elements is possible that you will also get the first sales .

6. Include testimonials
These add credibility to the information, especially if it is personalities with an expert position in terms of shared content. No need to abuse; with one or two accounts it is sufficient.

7. Track the results
As in any marketing action, monitoring is key as it will help you assess to what extent the information shared has been of interest and if it has had an impact. You can do a media impact analysis and continue on the same path if you have been successful or, otherwise, change the strategy if you have not achieved the objectives set.

How to spread your press release online

What is the use of having a perfectly worded note if it does not reach your audience afterwards? Spreading your notes online is as important as its creation , so you must know the channels that work best, as well as the media that may interest you the most.

1. Through our own channels
As a company, you should take advantage of all your resources to give visibility to these contents. Some options are:

to. “Press room” section on your website
This space will allow you to always have the latest published company news visible. You can access the InboundCycle Press Room here .

b. Communications in your own database
If you have a community of subscribers to your press room, it is also interesting that you notify them via email of the publication of this new news, so that they are always updated. Or even if you consider that it is relevant information for your clients, it is also interesting that you share it with them.

c. Publication in corporate social networks
This small action can greatly promote diffusion. If you also have powerful social media profiles, it is an opportunity that you should not waste.

d. Create your own media database
Another option is to start generating your own selection of interesting media and journalists in the sector and contact them personally, making the corresponding follow-up. In addition, if you maintain a relationship with them, in the long run they will facilitate the publication of content in these media.

2. Through online dissemination tools
In the market there are multiple tools for the dissemination of online press releases, each with its specific characteristics. Some of the free tools require a minimum of words, upload images, add links, etc.

There are also platforms to send paid digital press releases that are responsible for publishing your content, adding keywords and images, videos or links and ensuring that your notes are going to be published in certain media or news agencies . If you do not have the budget to hire an agency and your channels do not get enough diffusion, this may be a great option for you.

3. Working with a communication agency
Going out in the media, even if it is a very relevant news for society or a well-known company, is complicated. For this reason, having a good relationship with journalists is very important. This task is not always easy, and working with an expert communication agency can help us spread our communication and appear in the media that interest us most, given its constant relationship with them.

These are the three paths you can take when it comes to spreading your press releases. But remember that, as we have already mentioned, the work does not end once the press release has been published: it is essential to monitor and analyze the results obtained.

This will give you many clues when it comes to improving your communications in the future and, consequently, increasing the visibility and notoriety of your company .

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