How much does Android app development cost?

Android app development cost

Android app

Before starting an Android app development project, most brands think about how much it would cost. Some of them decide to build apps themselves instead of hiring professional developers to save money! Not that you save a considerable amount of money by self-development. Even if you do that, you may not get the desired result that an expert Android app developer can offer.

With years of experience in the industry, an Android app development company gains extensive experience across multiple platforms, regardless of the complications of projects related to IoT, ML, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies. They learn from the mistakes they make in android app development projects. So when you work with a skilled and dedicated team, you never make those common mistakes.

Android app development is a systematic approach that involves multiple steps with a fixed time frame. When you build a mobile app yourself, you can significantly reduce the cost of development, at least in the early stages.

Here is the breakdown of android app development cost:

Application features: the capabilities of an application intended for users
Compatible Devices: Whether your app will be compatible with mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Mini.
Integration: Whether your app would integrate with third-party apps as the source of your content.
Using Visuals – How to use visuals, as that affects development cost.
Hardware features: If your Android app uses advanced features such as augmented reality technology, motion coprocessor, NFC technology, GPS navigation, and other technologies.
Maintenance plan: technical support required by the developer after the development of the application.

Cost of Android App Development Cost Stages

When you know the cost of various stages of Android app development, you can raise/allocate capital accordingly. The main stages of Android application development are: discovery, design, development, testing, and deployment.

Many companies have said that the pre-investigation stage costs approximately $5,000, where 22% crossed the $5k limit and invested $10k. 14% of companies invested an amount ranging between $10 and $25k. Discovery is the cheapest Android app development stage.

The cost of Android app development varies from stage to stage due to the level of complexities. For example, if your app has built-in analytics, if your app supports CMS / backend server, your app has social sharing / built-in shopping cart features and much more.

How much does it cost to hire an Android app developer?

When you decide to hire an android app developer, you tend to think about their cost. According to data from, companies must pay $89,000/year to hire mobile app developers based in the United States.

Australia and Germany follow the United States with $76,000 and $66,000 respectively after local currency conversion to USD. You can hire app development experts from India at just $4,000 a year, which is relatively cheaper than Australia, Europe, and North America.

When it comes to hiring an android app developer, you should not think about the service charge. Consider factors like technical experience, achievements, and customer feedback.

The cost of Android app maintenance

  • Android app development comes with maintenance and therefore a cost. The average application maintenance cost is about 15-20% of the development cost. The cost of maintenance can be distinguished into the cost of hosting, monitoring, engagement, marketing, updating, and licensing. The type of data (text and media: photos, videos, and audios) your apps handle is crucial to calculating mobile app back-end data hosting costs.
  • An Android app that supports different types of media needs a high CPU web server with ample RAM and disk space. Taking these factors into account, an application hosting web server usually costs between $70 and $320 per month. Choose the right web hosting solution from the top options including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and AWS.
  • Monitoring is necessary for the success of your Android app development project. To monitor the performance of your app, sign up for great mobile analytics platforms. Each app has its unique customer base with a variety of preferences. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate the cost of developing your Android application. When you get in touch with top mobile app development companies and share your ideas with experts, you can do the math.
  • Android mobile app marketing cost includes tasks to attract target app users which consist of numerous components. Interaction with the mobile application begins with the installation of an application. The price an app marketer pays for installation varies across specific countries, platforms, and ad units. Worldwide cost per install (CPI) is approximately $2.24/install. From 2018 to 2019, the average Android app development costs worldwide were: max $7.5 (registration cost), max $87 (in-app purchase), and max $46 (subscription).
  • All mobile apps released in an app store on Android platforms were later released. It is not easy to create the perfect Android app with version 1.0 of the other post updates are great tools for a steady increase in user base engagement in the app. A genuine update release in an app store takes about an hour, but the time it takes to create an update varies and depends on the complexities of app development.
  • When your Android mobile app design uses one or more technologies for which developers must pay a license, it significantly increases the total cost of app development. The license fee varies according to yearly fees and similar devices range from $100-120K/year for 50 devices.

The conclusion

If you estimate the cost of Android app development for your future, you need to consider the complexities of the apps and the location of the development team. Both of these factors have a massive impact on the total cost of app development. Android platforms are widely accepted and therefore it may be a wise decision for you to build a robust application for your business that runs on this platform. As infrastructure is one of the critical determinants for the cost of developing an Android app, it would be great if it saves time on activities like scalability, data storage, and third-party API integration.



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