What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams for businesses?

Microsoft Teams for businesses

Microsoft Teams is generally defined as an integrated communications platform since through this messaging application you can hold virtual meetings, share files, make calls, work on the same document in real time, chat, and much more.

Microsoft Teams for businesses provides various benefits to organizations, especially when it comes to increasing productivity through collaborative work in companies. Check out some below:

1. Improve communication and productivity

The collaborators of a company will be able to centralize their communication efforts with the rest of their team in one place. In other words, they won’t have to jump from one application to another to be able to chat, call, conference, etc.

Likewise, it offers the option of opening specific teams to complete a project that only involves some of the company’s collaborators. This makes it easy for groups to complete the task without the need to make noise to other users.

That’s why Microsoft Teams helps:

Reduce time on unnecessary actions.
Collaborate in a more focused way.
Improve workflow to be more natural, faster and more efficient.
Increase the productivity of your employees.

2. Easy access

Teams is compatible with different hardware and software , for example:

This simplifies business mobility, allowing users to collaborate from any location and device they prefer. The only requirement is that they have a stable internet connection.

3. Real-time document collaboration

Microsoft Teams allows users in a team to collaborate and edit their documents in a synchronized and seamless way. As updates are added to it, Teams automatically saves them, reducing the risk of data loss.

4. Calendar integration

Each employee of the company can access and review their calendar or daily agenda to keep in mind the important events or meetings planned for that day. Also, this tool allows them to view the availability of other users in case they want to organize and schedule a meeting with them.

5. Organize meetings

Teams enables effective meetings with a limit of 300 people. Microsoft Teams for businesses can be run with or without cameras. Once users access one, they will be able to use the following functionalities:

Share files, screen and presentations.
Record meetings for later reference.
Transcribe the text of the conference.
Much more.

6. Application integration

It has an app store with more than 700 apps. This allows users to gradually integrate several of the tools or software they use the most (regardless of whether they are external to Microsoft) in their work area so that they can work optimally in the same space.

7. Telephony

The team will be able to make and receive high-quality voice calls through Teams Telephony. This allows collaborators to:

Communicate with any phone number from different devices.
Save the call recording.
Get access to voice messages and transcripts of this same.
Create personalized greetings.

8. Help bots

It has help bots that allow users to get the information they need to improve collaboration. Some of the features of these bots are:

Answer frequently asked questions.
Search for people in an organization.
Schedule calendars.
Conduct polls and surveys.
Likewise, more bots can be added according to the specific needs of each user. It’s just a matter of searching for the bot offers out there and installing it.

9. Personalization

Each member of any team created in Microsoft Teams can make the settings that work best for them: mute notifications for a certain amount of time, so they don’t interrupt you if you attend an important meeting; Or, on the contrary, set alerts that appear on your desktop every time something is mentioned or commented on in a certain channel.

10. Security

Microsoft Teams provides advanced security and compliance capabilities so that you:

Users can collaborate without fear of data loss or threat.
There is greater security control and supervision in the identities of users and their devices.
The company can place barriers or business security policies.

How is Microsoft Teams used in business?

Microsoft thought of the need to work simultaneously with the rest of the team, whether on presentations, spreadsheets and other projects from its applications in an integrated manner, in order to increase productivity.

To facilitate this task, Teams allows you to create work teams, either public or private , to have conversations, share files, collaborate in real time and much more.

Step by step for creating teams in Teams
Here is the step by step to create teams in Teams:

  • Access the Microsoft Teams tool.
  • Click on the top left that says “Teams.”
  • Click “Create Team.”
  • Give your team a name and add a description that works best for you.
  • Set the privacy of the group: it can be private, for you to add team members; or public, so that anyone in the organization has the ability to join.
  • Classify the type of information to be shared in the team, for example, confidential, public, internal, external, etc.
  • After clicking “Next”, if you chose a private group, add the people you want to the team and define their role within the space: member or owner.
  • Create whatever channels you find convenient to communicate with your team members.

Microsoft Teams complements the other tools in the suite. This allows employees to increase their productivity, participating more actively in all processes.

With which Microsoft partner can you implement Microsoft Teams in Costa Rica and Panama?

Consulted is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Costa Rica and Panama , which allows them to provide specialized service to implement this solution or, if they already have it, identify how they can get the most out of it .

Likewise, at Consulted they want to understand your greatest business challenges in order to guide you on how this tool can add value to your business. If you want to know what benefits Microsoft Teams will bring to your specific case, you can schedule a free consulting session with Consulted here .

On the other hand, if you currently have Microsoft Teams in your company and would like to verify how much your company is taking advantage of the tool , we invite you to download the following free checklist.

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