How to organize an administrative office?

How to organize an administrative office?

Offices are characterized by being those places that are specially designed for work, and regardless of whether the work carried out in them is of a technical or creative nature, workers must always be provided with adequate conditions so that they can carry out their tasks comfortably and with greater ease, thus allowing them to fully express their managerial and creative abilities.

Tips that allow you to correctly organize an administrative office

In addition, having an office that is clean and relatively tidy offers employees the possibility of having a higher level of productivity and allows them to waste less time.

And depending on the characteristics of each job or task to be carried out, it may be necessary to spend a few hours in a space that we call an office.

That is the reason why it is of great importance that during this time, the office can offer comfort when carrying out some work. Assuming that these spaces have the relevant ergonomic rules, we will offer some tips for organizing an administrative office.

clean the office

Organize an administrative office , It is essential to throw away, empty and/or get rid of everything that is not really necessary in the office; it is essential to take a look around and ask yourself, what item do I have that I haven’t used in a long time?

In the event that something does not work, it must be repaired or directly thrown in the office bin , be it office supplies, decorations, equipment, plants, furniture, decorations, etc., since accumulating all this only makes the office have look bad and therefore it is best to get rid of them.

In the same way, collecting all those objects that are out of place and placing them in the space that corresponds to them will allow the office to be much more organized and, in particular, will serve to be able to get things more easily and in less time.

Organize an administrative office-Determine work areas

It is important to determine what kind of activities will take place in each area of ​​the office.

It is very certain that there is a main work area, a reference area (dedicated to shelves, filing cabinets and/or filing folders) and one specially designated as a place to eat.

In this way, it is possible to organize the office material and equipment so that they are located in the appropriate area.

In this sense, it is usually best to place those materials and equipment that are used most frequently near the work area, while those that do not usually have constant use can be stored.

Find a suitable labeler

It is necessary to take the time that is necessary in order to label the containers, shelves and drawers, etc., since this, in addition to allowing you to always remember where everything is , also helps the other people in the office to be able to easily get the work material they need. For this, using multifunction labels is the best option.

Organize the drawers

In this case, it is necessary to place the articles that are used in a usual way (notepad, envelopes, stamps, etc.) inside the same drawer.

Likewise, the use of drawer organizers is recommended in order to keep small elements in order, such as thumbtacks or clips. Similarly, it is convenient to use a separate drawer to place personal items.

Check file system

In the case of storing files inside the computer’s memory, the most advisable thing to do is to make sure that backup copies are actually being made on a regular basis.

clean the desktop

You have to delete and remove each of the elements found on the desktop, keeping only those that turn out to be essential and for daily use.

Separate file trays

If you work with other people, it is best to create folders or inboxes continuously and independently for each of them. Document trays for all types of files.

project folder

At the time a project is finished, it is convenient to place all the material of the same in a single folder to later file it. In the same way, it is necessary to maintain a progress folder in which those projects that are being worked on at the moment are included.

Set dates to get rid of unnecessary documents

It is unnecessary to keep documents indefinitely, so it is best to mark documents with the date that they can be disposed of.

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