CI Managed Services: Let the experts do it for you

The managed services solution helps companies by keeping their infrastructure completely stable and secure. It also allows users to continue using their time in a normal way, in order to give the company more focus and time to meet its objectives, while concentrating on what is most important: its employees, its business and its customers.

The trend of Managed Services

Managed Services initially focused on remote monitoring and administration of servers and networks. Over time they have expanded the scope of their services in order to differentiate themselves from other providers. Now, for example, they often remotely support a customer’s endpoint devices, and have created offerings around mobile device management.

It should be noted that the most outsourced service in IT during 2017 was the software application. However, it is expected that all those solutions related to computer application and programming will continue to grow in the coming years, given the emergence of new technologies, platforms and available devices.

The entire technological approach is directed towards Managed Services, the business model is changing rapidly, let’s change course now.

Access all information about customers

With managed CI services , a complete and advanced overview of the customer’s infrastructure can be obtained. With this, you have the ability to consult information, the history of incidents, access specific information and device passwords, etc.

Whoever provides CI Managed Services for IT assumes responsibility for the tasks entrusted, and for complying with the appropriate maintenance remotely for their clients.

Maximize efficiency in your IT services business

With the personnel available to companies, focused solely on their activities, the IT services area can always benefit from improved levels of efficiency. In the same way , CI Managed Services offer the power that all companies need to maximize their efficiency.

Achieving your SLAS has never been so easy

Service Level Management (SLAS) is the process of managing service level agreements. It is in charge of defining, documenting, agreeing, monitoring, measuring, reporting and reviewing the level of our services.

In other words, it is a tool that helps both parties to reach a consensus in terms of the level of quality of the service, especially in response time, time availability, available documentation as well as the personnel assigned to the service.

With CI Managed Services we are committed to complying with the established agreements or SLAs. We also establish defined and achievable SLAS, in order to provide customers with better service and a highly competitive and quality service.

Advantages of CI Managed Services

Having CI Managed Services can generate great benefits for companies, for example:

Remote monitoring
Incident Prediction & Improvements
Elimination of software problems
End Device Detection & Immediate Response
Management for Mac devices
Network device monitoring
Remote access
Active Discovery
Automation and scripting
Patch management
Data-driven information
Mobile apps
Backups & Data Recovery
Managed Antivirus
Web Protection
PSA & Ticketing
Smart Risk
Office 365 Administration

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