The benefits of offering a self-service portal

self-service portal

The digital transformation in the telecommunications sector has brought with it dynamic and innovative ways of managing administrative and business processes, both from the point of view of the corporate client and that of the telecommunications companies. These innovations self-service portal  are deeply rooted in the need to solve the challenges of tracking and understanding mobile data and usage, and then using this data to optimize processes and ultimately improve productivity. profitability and efficiency. Corporate customers need faster, more flexible and convenient services, and self-service portals are the answer.

The challenges of companies and telecoms

Corporate customers are under immense pressure to make sense of large volumes of complex data, understand the details, allocate costs and usage, and do it all quickly and accurately. On the other hand, Telco’s are under pressure to offer their corporate clients a great customer experience, where processes are efficient, data is controlled, there is flexibility and less administrative burden.

These challenges often create bottlenecks on both sides, add pressure and slow down efficiency, all of which negatively impact the relationship between the two and the business as a whole. Self-service portals bridge the gap between the two and are a solution that enables corporate customers to take control of their data.

The need for self-service portals

Gone are the days when your corporate clients were willing to sit on a call with a call center agent for hours trying to find and access the right information. Self-service portals have become a tool used to give your corporate customers immediate control and answers to their questions. Because it is important?

By providing your customers with a way to conveniently access the information they need, you’re helping them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently by reducing the time and effort they spend searching for information. This improves your customer experience and satisfaction while reducing administrative burdens that cost time and money. If corporate customers are satisfied with service levels, they are less likely to switch to another service provider, ensuring customer retention and profitability for you as a Telco’s.

The benefits of offering a self-service portal

There are other benefits associated with offering a self-service portal for both Telco’s and corporate customers. These include:

For Telco:

Reduced service/management inquiries
Increase telco revenue and maximize customer retention
Allows you to optimize the allocation of packages and purchases
Optimize functionality and security
Higher customer satisfaction means higher customer loyalty
Better knowledge of tailored products and responsiveness
Anytime, anywhere access for true workforce mobility
Move users from prepaid to contract
Little or no capital investment
No software or hardware to manage or install

For the corporate client:

Less frustration thanks to faster access to information
More control/perspective on data management and consumption
Secure access anytime, anywhere
Provides spend visibility aligned with your business structure
Provides information on spending on voice, SMS and data
Optimization of the assignment of contract packages
Self-management of reports and trends in real time
Mobile application for the end user (Smart Phone, iOS, Android, Tablet)
Eliminate the abuse
Direct access to account and billing information and details

Adapt IT | Telecommunications Corporate Customer Self Service (CCSS) Solution

The Adapt IT solution | Telecoms CCSS is a highly customizable software that was built to respond to the needs and challenges of Telco and Corporate Clients. This software was designed and is backed by years of industry knowledge, insight, and experience. It is a self-service platform that houses all the data associated with the corporate users of its network, both individually and at the company level.

The CCSS platform presents your data in an easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to analyze and understand the data source related to your corporate customers and their users. The benefit of presenting data this way is that you have a bird’s-eye view of everything, allowing you to better build and tailor products, be more responsive, and stay on top of emerging trends.

CCSS allows its corporate clients to take control of their data and information. They no longer need to call call centers for urgent information or wait for data to be matched. This platform presents all Call Data Records (or CDR’S) at the push of a button and can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a desktop or mobile device. CCSS allows you to simply log in and see the detailed breakdown of everything you want to know, including voice, data and SMS spending and usage. The CCSS platform’s simplified data sets also give you deep insight into trends, costs, usage habits, and potential future product and revenue opportunities.

What makes this platform so innovative is that it can be customized and tailored to your business needs. The platform offers several different optional modules that you can choose from depending on your needs, including:

The Administration Portal

– This is where corporate customers can add their users, grant access to users, configure all of their reporting schedules, and view dashboards and data. What is unique about this tool is that you, as a network operator, can structure the system that appears in this Administration Portal in a way that reflects the structure of your business and therefore is familiar to your customers and end users.

The Marketing Toolbox

is a new component that has just been released. This tool is meant to reach and connect with end users. With this tool, you will be able to send news or interesting information directly to the end user, through the portal.

The Sales Toolbox

gives your account manager the ability to see exactly what your corporate clients see. This provides access to individual end-user call data records and an aggregated view of their usage, allowing you to offer advice or insight into what the data shows.

The Consumer Portal

is a component that is still being developed. It is designed to help you understand the complete end-user experience as a customer, from start to finish, and includes data, voice, and SMS spending and usage information.

The mobile app

CCSS doesn’t have to be restricted to your laptop or PC, like all modern conveniences. A mobile application has been developed for the end user where you can access your usage information anywhere and anytime using your mobile device/phone or tablet.


A self-service portal has many benefits and is vital to business success for both telecom companies and corporate customers. These platforms provide corporate customers with more insight, control, and information, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction, reducing administrative burdens, facilitating efficiency, and increasing revenue. Put your corporate clients in the driver’s seat and watch your business transform.

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