The 10 essential apps or applications for restaurants

apps for restaurant

The hospitality sector has modernized a lot where there are more and more ways and technologies to manage the work that is carried out or to give visibility to the business itself before potential clients. Apps for restaurants The public, a great consumer of mobile apps, is increasingly using restaurant directories, opinions contained in them, photos, etc… to decide which one to go to.

But not only this type of apps for restaurants which focus on the end customer, are useful for locals. Also those who help them manage tasks, such as home delivery. And there are really interesting ones!

In the heyday of technological gadgets, it is interesting that you follow the list that we propose below because we are sure that there will be things of great interest. One last piece of information before we begin, excerpted from The App Date Foodies. The profile of the Spanish Foodie 2.0 user is a woman, between 25 and 40 years old and in a relationship. Perhaps the marketing strategies, therefore, it is good to focus them in that sense.

The 10 most useful apps for bars, restaurants… and their customers.

1. Minute

It’s amazing how this app has grown in a short time. It was born as a website in which travelers shared their photos and comments from all the corners where they had been throughout the globe and it has been filled with content in such a way that it is perhaps the best and most complete travel guide to organize your holidays. It includes numerous restaurants in all places and for this reason it has become essential apps for restaurants to be present in it.

2 . Take Eat Easy

Within this app, the user can find home delivery food from the main restaurants and can enjoy it at home, the office or even in a park as stated on its website. The estimated time of arrival is 30 minutes and it is brought to you by a cyclist. We must promote the care of our planet!

3. Food me

In this app you will find endless healthy, vegetarian restaurants that do not use lactose or suitable for celiac. If you are a restaurant that meets any of the above categories, ask to be included in the app’s directory.

4. OpenTable

It is one of the leading apps for making restaurant reservations . Very complete, with many photos and information. It also allows you to accumulate reward points which is always useful in future reservations.

5. Foodspoting

Foodspoting is an app where users upload photos of dishes they recommend . In Spain we had its “first cousin” known as Wikitapas, although it seems that they have recently deleted it from the Store and it seems that it has become an online portal.

6. Next glass

Specially prepared for the great palates of beers . In it you will find a spectacular directory of these drinks from around the world. When you go to a bar or restaurant and see something you don’t know, check this app and keep all the data.

7. Tripadvisor (or other directories like Yelp, Foursquare or The Fork)

No further explanation is needed in this case. All the currently fashionable directories that not being in is not an option . The number of people using these apps is increasing.

8. apps for restaurants Deliveroo

apps for restaurants Very fashionable at the moment. Many restaurants have signed up for this home delivery system. The main advantage is that you can follow live where the delivery man is who takes your order.

9. Celticity

More than 8,000 downloads endorse it as the app with the most up-to-date network of restaurants and shops with gluten-free products. Hundreds of places to find food for celiac and celiac.

10. Mr. Dog

This nice app will help us if we have a “best friend” that we want to accompany us in our foodie moments. Search it for all the restaurants that are dog-friendly and you know… if he behaves well he will be welcome.

You can also make your own app for your restaurant thanks to online tools that allow you to customize the features that you see most necessary. The problem with choosing to create your own app is that you will probably only get results if you have an extremely loyal audience that visits your store regularly and is interested in downloading it.

That is a barrier to entry to take into account. Many people do not want to fill their smartphones with apps since their capacity is finite. Therefore, the application you create has to be very useful and take up a few MB. Otherwise, it will not take long for the user to delete it.


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