Sar Pass Trek Complete guide

Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is one of the treks which should be possible by the fledgling effectively and this trek will give you results that you will anticipate from an exceptionally enormous and high trek where you need to Grind a great deal yet here in Sar pass trek, you will get the very best view you can get all kind of territory like Quaint Village, glades, woodland and snow-covered mountains everything you will appreciate in this trek or during this trek.


The Sar Pass trek will take you very nearly 4 to 5 days to reach sar pass during this trek you will get tested by the earth’s life force on the primary day of your trek you will go from

Day 1: Kasol Village to Grahan Village
It is just about 10 km of the trek on your first day of the trek and it will take you 4 to 5 hours to arrive at Grahan town and complete your first day of trek and rise from kasol to Grahan town is (kasol-1700m and Graham-2350 ) During this trek you need to go next to the Grahan Nalah that will take you to the Grahan town.

Day 2: Grahan Village to Min Tach

In the wake of resting in Grahan town rise and shine promptly in the first part of the day and begin your trek After trekking for quite a while you will get to see Sar top And the trek gets more extreme and after some time you will go into the profound timberland and every one of the entrancing perspectives this trek will require some investment as the very beginning 4 to 5 hours however the distance is 7km which is lower than last day yet as the trek get more extreme its turned out to be minimal harder so the time will take longer. You will climb an elevation of 3400m from your second-day base Grahan town 2350m.

Day 3: Min Tach to Nagaru

Your day 3 of the trek is very nearly 8 km and presently the trek course is getting more extreme so the little distance will take you a ton of time in third day of your trek you should trek for right around 5 to 6 hours and this time can be stretched out as per whether it tends to be taken long to arrive at the Nagaru. When you arrive at the Nagru ridge camping area, be mindful . In this campground wind can be hazardous. You need to make a tent . Generally excellent breeze can blow away the tent, be mindful and be protected at the top.

Day 4: Nagaru to Sar pass

Get up ahead of schedule and begin your trek and the last day would have adjusted you of stature. It is a long trek of 10 km and it will take you 6 to 8 hours On this day of your trek. You will at last be at the highest point of the Sar pass. You can partake in the view from the top view for which you are consistently crushing for right around 3 days. You will get to see pinnacles of tosh valley mountains covered with snow.

Day 5 Sar pass to biskeri thatch then barsheni

Subsequent to passing through Sar lake you proceed with your excursion to biskeri to proceed with the excursion and afterward you proceed to Burstein then the trek will end and you will be full with the recollections of this trek.


-You need to convey a durable knapsack with great ties support and a downpour cover for your rucksack is necessary.
-Get trek shoes, no games shoes, trek shoes have an extreme grasp and lower leg support which help you while trekking and don’t involve new shoes. Essentially wear them for seven days before the trek.
-Little medical aid pack.
-Trekking shaft or stick
-Head light or a drive light.


-Try not to use sports shoes on the trek. They are not ideal for a trek.
-Energetically suggested speedy drying engineered pants. You can layer them while it is cold and assuming it got wet it will be dry in some time. That’s the simplicity while on a trek.
-Keep away from fleece coats as there is no assurance when the weather conditions will change and anything can happen. We propose your wool coat.
-Utilise plastic sacks to compartmentalize and take additional packs with you.
-Individuals who wear specs attempt contact focal points or photograph chromatic glasses.


The accommodation decisions available for the trek are the standard 2-3 sharing tents on the trek and at the central command that is Karol you have various options open to peruse. There are decisions available for everyone whether it be the rich ones or the monetary arrangement ones. From rich and extreme hotels to generally average trekker lodgings, every decision is open for comfort in Karol. During the tourist season, it might be trying to book on the spot , so come prepared by booking comfort before your development.

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