Metal or wooden doors? Which one is Best for Your Home?

Metal or wooden doors?

When deciding on the right door installation for each space, it is important to take into consideration the main advantages and disadvantages of the different types of doors. Especially in the case of exterior doors. Usually the main question is the choice between wooden doors and metal doors. Knowing the differences and which is the best option in matters such as safety, maintenance or aesthetics is key to a satisfactory choice over time.

Installation of metal or wooden doors, main benefits and disadvantages

Greater security, the great advantage of installing metal doors
An essential aspect for a good choice of exterior door is security . It is a logical concern of every owner of a home, office or premises. And it is even more relevant in certain areas where there are usually problems of crime or occupation, as well as in those isolated or located in rural areas and urbanizations prone to being targeted by criminals.

The installation of metal doors offers greater guarantees in terms of security than wooden doors. They are more resistant and in practice very difficult to burst, something almost impossible in certain cases such as anti-squat doors . In addition, there are currently double security locks and other elements to include in the installation of metal doors to further improve the security of the place, its inhabitants and the assets it protects.

On the other hand, wooden doors have weak points that make them more vulnerable than metal ones. Although they are a valid option, they are less secure and that is something you should know when making your choice. Options such as the installation of armored doors allow you to enjoy the security advantages of metal doors with a wood finish.

The thickness, resistance and strength of metal doors means that in terms of security, they are at a clear advantage over wooden doors.

Installation of elements that improve security, possible in metal doors

Also within the field of security it is important to highlight another difference; which supposes the possible inclusion of added elements that improve this factor. Also in this sense, metal doors are the ones that offer a better result than wooden doors.

And it is that currently elements such as protection bars or security locks offer an important qualitative leap in terms of security of metal doors. Improving in this sense something already in itself is surely worth being highlighted. And it is something that should be taken into account when deciding to install doors for the home or for a business.

Aesthetics, an important point to assess

When it comes to the installation of doors, aesthetics is an important factor of choice for many users. Both for doors for homes and for businesses, regardless of whether they are exterior doors or in galleries or interior floors.

For a long time the use of wooden doors was considered more elegant and beautiful. This was because the metal doors had very sober designs. Currently this aspect has improved drastically and the designs on the market are varied and attractive. They can be found in different styles.

This means that there is no clear difference between metal doors and wooden doors in this regard. It is a matter of the personal taste of each user and their aesthetic preferences that prevail when choosing metal or wood for the installation of doors in their home or business. Metal is more modern, and wood is warmer. Although both types of doors have attractive designs.

The environment, the style of the home or the type of business also influence the decision of the most appropriate aesthetics of the door.

A good option to combine the security of metal doors with the warmth of wood is the choice of anti-squatters armored doors . These are metal doors lined with wood panels.


Maintenance and useful life, two important aspects to assess when choosing a door for cost and safety
When deciding to install a door there are two factors that are important to assess. These are maintenance and shelf life. On the one hand, they have to do with economic savings and profitability, since a door that is easy to maintain and has a long useful life is much cheaper than one that requires investment over a more or less short or long useful life.

But these two factors should not only be seen from the point of view of economics. Also from a security point of view. Why? Because a door that deteriorates relatively easily and requires maintenance is a more vulnerable door.

Quality metal doors

Quality metal doors are easy to maintain . And very resistant to external elements such as sun, rain, wind or snow. These weather elements can affect some types of non-dyed and oxidation-protected metal. But currently modern metal doors are prepared to offer a very high resistance to these elements. And metals like steel are key to a good seal and a long-lasting door.

They are also factors that affect wooden doors. And it is that the humidity causes the swelling of the same and the continuous exposure to the sun the extreme dryness of the same and the loss of color in the areas in which the rays affect more strongly.

In short, both wooden and metal doors have benefits and drawbacks . However, when making a choice, you must decide which factors are the most important to you and make a decision based on what type of door material offers the greatest advantages in those aspects. Safety, cost, maintenance and aesthetics are the main issues to assess in order to make a choice that will satisfy you from day one and throughout the years.

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