9 Best Subsmovies Alternatives to Watch HD Movies


Various movie streaming sites have been emerging recently. As peoples’ binging requirements increase, more services to cater these needs have started to come up more frequently. All these sites compete with each other to provide the best of the best to their users. This is giving people a humongous variety of options to stream content in high definition.

What is Subsmovies?

Subsmovies is one of the many sites giving movie streaming options to its users. This site enlists a large range of genres ranging from action to thriller, from comedy to romance, and a lot more! This platform not only contains newly released films but also old ones.

One feature this site is highly famous for is the accuracy of its subtitles. Moreover, these subtitles are present in 20 plus languages. All in all, one can say that Submovies is a very organized site.

Is Subsmovies Safe?

Since such sites are made available to the public for absolutely free, the only way it makes an income is through advertisements. These ads are broadcasted to the users while they are on this site. One advantage of Submovies is that the ads are not shown while you are streaming content. Whereas, all it contains are a few on-click advertisements.

However, some ads pose a risk to your device’s safety and security. They can contain viruses that can destroy your device completely. Hence, it is advised to use an ad-blocker to be able to block such advertisements and gain a guarantee about your device’s safety.

Is Submovies Legal?

The answer to this question is a big NO. All such sites are completely illegal to use. Moreover, Submovies has been under legal issues ever since it was formed and put up on the internet in 2013.

Since then. Many copyright claims have caused the site to be blocked temporarily as well as permanently. However, every time this happens, Submovies’ creators come up with the development of a sister site so that its users get access to free and unlimited entertainment.

Due to the usage of copyright content, this site has been banned by many authorities belonging to different areas. If you stream on this illegal site, you should be ready that some legal action might be taken against you based upon your country’s laws.

But don’t worry because we have a solution for you! You can use a VPN to access such sites. This will help you keep completely anonymous and thus conceal your information from anyone else.

Submovies Alternative Sites

1. Moviesjoy

This site is known for its large database containing a variety of movies and TV shows all available in HD quality. Moviesjoy is home to around 10000 movies and shows and is completely free to use for all.

The site’s Homepage is very efficient and user-friendly. It is divided into two sections- one enlisting all the movies and the other enlisting all the TV shows. The movies are also categorized based on whether they are HD or Cam (movies recorded by a camcorder in theatres). All the content contains subtitles which makes the user experience better.

2. Yesmovies

This site is accurately described as a “hub of movies” by its many users who stream content on this platform each month. The popularity of this site can be proved by the number of mirror sites available for it.

Its unique feature allows you to access a list of movies based on your region. For this, you need to use the “country” option provided on the main menu. It can be said that this Yesmovies is quite efficient as updates on it take place faster than any other site. It also comes equipped with an advanced feature which helps you find a movie suitable to your taste and liking.

3. Soap2Day

A site loved by many movie buffs, Soap2Day houses a gamut of movies and TV shows which are available for free to all its users.This site is known to offer a simplistic but fast and responsive theme and design. Its aesthetic homepage is very calming to users’ eyes. There is a search bar available at the top for you to be able to find exactly what you want.

Soap2Day lets you watch the latest releases as and when they’re launched. All its content, be it movies or shows, are categorized into various sections. This brings about user satisfaction as it is very easy to browse through. You can either stream content online for free or by registering your account.

4. 123Movies

123Movies lets you comfortably access various shows, movies, series, and programs at the click of a button.You can very easily become a part of this website’s family of millions of fans/users. Statistical data reveals that it is one of the most searched-up websites on the net.

The original 123Movies website has been blocked by the government but you don’t have to worry as there are many 123Movies mirrors sites available. These mirror sites are completely the same (even in looks) to the original one, the only difference being the domain.

5. Cinebloom

This site has been giving tough competition to all other such sites. Owing to its user-friendly interface, Cinebloom is very famous among its users. All the content enlisted on it is available in high definition.

You get access to thousands of movies and shows without having to pay a single penny. Cinebloom’s homepage has different tabs, namely- “latest movies”, “popular shows”, etc.In addition to being totally ad-free, this site doesn’t require registration i.e., users can have an access to all the content without having to create an account.

6. LookMovie

When talking about alternatives to Submovies, it is imperative to mention LookMovie. This site contains tons of movies and TV shows hosted by non-affiliated third parties.Due to its highly user-friendly interface, the site gives you a short description along with the ratings of the movie/TV show you have chosen to watch.

The Homepage is a work of art. The tabs contained on it are “Trending”, “Latest”, “Category” and “Genre”. It also contains a search bar at the top for you to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to all its amazing features, LookMovie also labels its movies with HD or LQ to enable user-convenience.

7. Pubfilm

If you’re skeptical about trying out such sites, Pubfilm might just be the right fit for you! This is because this site is one of the oldest available on the internet in the movie-streaming domain. Pubfilm contains a lot more movies and shows belonging to different genres as compares to its rival sites.

The Homepage contains a variety of tabs such as “Trending Movies”, “Latest Movies”, “Top Upcoming Movies”, “Latest Episodes” and a lot more! A highly advanced search bar is also present at the top of the Homepage. In addition to all this, Pubfilm gives you an option to search for movies and shows in alphabetic order.

Being completely free, this site doesn’t require its users to create an account. All you have to do is have a stable internet connection, search for your favorite movie/show and enjoy!

8. Afdah

One of the most popular sites in its domain, Afdah generates monthly traffic of over 5 million users. It is preferred by many because of its provision of a unique, large and diverse database.In addition to having a sophisticated look, the site’s homepage comes equipped with various categories and filtering options.

Provision for a search bar to find a perfect fit for you is also made.Registering for an account is not required to watch the content listed on here. It is absolutely free of cost for all its users. Afdah provides quality service and is thus loved by millions.

9. Putlocker

This platform is one of the most widely used global movie-streaming websites available online. It comes equipped with one of the largest movie-watching databases. Its display is quite responsive which allows users to easily and comfortably access data without any problems.

Putlocker allows you to watch not only movies but a huge range of TV shows as well. However, all free things come with certain restrictions. In this case, users’ viewing is hindered by some advertisements. It gets quite frustrating for some people, but the amazing service compensates for it all.

Putlocker also comes with a variety of benefits. It lets you download your favourite content for you to be able to watch later. It also has a very reliable user interface that lets anyone easily access the website.

A variety of video qualities are available here such as 720p, 1080p, and HD. It also lets you turn on subtitles. This helps those not familiar with the language of the content that they are viewing. All in all, Putlocker is an amazing platform to stream content and is a great alternative to SubsMovies.

Wrapping up

We hope this article helped you find a suitable match for your streaming needs and requirements. And if it did, what are you waiting for? Hop on into the online world of movies, shows, series, programs, and a lot more. Cook up a tub of popcorn, get into your cozy bed, and head onto one of these websites. Explore a wide plethora of free content and binge to your heart’s content!

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